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The Manners of Saying Farewell and Welcoming a Traveler

Among the advices of Prophet Luqman (peace be upon him) to his child is: "While traveling with people consult them on your issues; do not hang your head. Smile at them; share your properties with them; answer their call if they call you; if they need your help, help them; do not talk much, always pray; be generous with what you have of animals or water or anything else; if they make you a witness of right, be their witness; and give them your opinion if they seek your advice."

Mufadhal bin Umar said: "I went to Abu Abdullah, and he said to me: 'Who is with you?', I said: 'It is one of my brothers'. He said: 'What did he do', I said: 'Since I entered I don't know where he is', then he said: 'Did you not know that whoever is with a believer forty steps, Allah will ask him about him on the day of judgement?'"

Among the manners of farewell are:

A- To pass the Holy Qur'an over the head of the traveler.

B- To embrace him and read on his right shoulder:

"Verily He Who has ordained the Qur'an unto you certainly brings you back (to your) home;…" Holy Qur'an: (28: 85)

And on his left shoulder:

"But Allah is the Best Guard, and He is the Most Merciful of the merciful ones." (Holy Qur'an (12: 64)

C. To hope for his safety while travelling and on his way back.

D- If it is possible you should escort him to where he will start the journey, be it a motor station, railway station or airport; this will make him happy.

E- Do not face him with your needs or what you want him to buy for you unless he asks you to do so.

F- Try to ask about his condition from his relatives or to phone him, if it is possible, and also reply to his letters if he sends any to you.

And when he comes back:

A- Welcome him in the station, if it is possible.

B- Embrace him warmly and thank Allah for his safe return. Show your happiness for his return. It is narrated in a hadith that:

"The best and complete greetings of he who is at home is hand shaking, and the best and complete greetings for a traveler is embracement."

C- Visit him in his house and go with a gift to show your happiness for his return.

Adapted from the book: "The Art of Social Relations" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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