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The Life of Lady Zaynab (s.a)

To throw light upon the odorous memories and to work perseveringly for obtaining the items of such memories; these two things cast on souls good manners, virtues, and acquaintance with the conducts of the past personalities who were characterized by high merits, piety, righteousness, and decency.

Thus, the noble, deep-rooted character of Lady Zaynab should not be passed over because she has contained all points of immaculacy, majesty, dignity, and distinguished origin. She has also possessed renowned bearings in the fields of perseverance on the principles, courage, eloquence, and full-heatedness in addition to asceticism, chastity, piety, holiness, and magnanimity.

On that account, it is necessary for seekers of merits and fact-finders to adopt from her precious life account and please the ears by listening to her admirable, odorous memories so as to take from her a model of self disciplining, knowledge, and aspiration.

Let us now refer to a brief presentation of the life of Lady Zaynab.

Adopted from the book : "Lady Zaynab" by : "Ansariyan Publications"

Adopted from the book : "Lady Zaynab" by : "Ansariyan Publications"

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