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The Last Will of Imam Sadiq (A.S.)

Abu Basir narrates:

After the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (A.S.) I went to his house to pay my condolences to his wife Hamidah. Upon seeing me, she began to weep and I wept as well.

Then she said Abu Basir! If you were here on the last moments of Imam Sadiq's (A.S.) life, you would have witnessed something extraordinary.

What is that? I asked.

She answered:

It was in the last moments of the Imam's life when he opened his blessed eyes and said:
Gather all of my family and relatives now and bring them to me!? Thus, we gathered every one of the relatives until no-one was left. He turned to them and said,

We will not intercede1 for those who belittle2 Salat3.? (Bihal al-Anwar , vol. 6, p. 154 ,and vol. 4, p. 297)

1- Means Shafa'ah

2- Do not give much importance to

3- Saying Prayer

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