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The Incident of Monk Nestorius

After a few years, the Holy Prophet, acting as a representative, set out for Damascus once again along with the merchandise belonging to Khadijah al-Kubra. Khadijah sent her servant, Masirah, along with the Holy Prophet (SA) and advised him to fully obey his orders. In this trip, too, when they arrived in Syria , they landed under a tree in the vicinity of the city of Busra . There was a monastery belonging to a monk called "Nestorius" who was acquainted with Masirah.

Nestorius asked Masirah: "Who is the man resting underneath that tree"?

Masirah replied: "He is a person from the family of Quraysh".

The monk said: "under this tree, no one but a prophet from among the prophets of Allah has lodged or can lodge".

He added: "Is there redness in his eyes".

Masirah said: "Yes, his eyes are always like this".

The monk said: "That's it. He is the last prophet of the prophets of Allah. I wish I could find out the day when he will invite the people."


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