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The Incident of Mi’raj

Adapted from: ""Marriage, A Gift for the Youth" by: "Sajid Ali"

The chief of the faithfuls Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) says, “One day I and Fatima paid a visit to Holy Prophet (as) who began crying. I asked, “O Messenger of God (as) may my father and mother be sacrificed for you, what is the reason for your crying?”

He (S) replied, “O Ali the night on which I went to Mi’raj (ascension) I saw some women of my ummat facing severe chastisement and I am crying for them. One was being hung by her hair and her head was boiling. The second one was eating the flesh of her own body and fire was burning beneath her. The third was being hung with her chest clenched. The fourth women's legs were tied with her hands and snakes and pythons were making a feast out of her.

The fifth one was deaf, dumb and blind and she was laid in a fire-case. Her brains were burning and melting through her nose and her body was being torn apart by leprosy and other similar diseases. Another women had her legs burned by the hellfire. The seventh one I saw had her flesh being cut into pieces with scissors of fire. The eighth one's face and hands were being burnt and she was eating her own burnt skin. Yet another women had her face like a pig and her body like a donkey and she was subjected to thousands of different chastisements. The tenth one had her face like a bitch. Fire was being inducted from her rectum and extracted from her mouth and angels were constantly beating her on her head and face with sticks of fire.”

Janabe Fatimah Zahra’ (sa) enquired , “O beloved father please inform us about the misdeeds or sins of these women for which they were subjected to such severe chastisement by the Almighty? The Holy Prophet (S) answered, “O Fatimah, the woman who was being hung by her hair was the one who did not veil herself from the Non-mahram men. The one who was being hung by her tongue was rude to her husband and tortured him by her talks. The one who was being hung by her chest was depriving her husband of his sexual rights and pleasures.

The one who was being hung by her legs was stepping out of her house without her husband's permission. The one who was eating her own flesh made her self up for other men. one whose hands and legs were tied together never purified her body and clothes. She never took the spiritual bath after her menstruation cycles or sexual intercourse and considered Salat (prayer) to be insignificant.

The one who was deaf, dumb and blind produced children out of adultery and claimed them to be of her husband. The one whose flesh was being cut with scissors of fire use to come before men in such a way that they be attracted towards her. The one whose face and body were being burnt and who was eating her burnt flesh was the source of meeting of Non-mahram boys and girls. The one whose face was like a pig and body like a donkey always lied and talked ill about others. [Biharul Anwar, Vol. 18, Pg. 45.]

It is important to stress here that in today’s times our sisters should define their aims in life within the Islamic framework and should not attempt to transgress the laws of the Almighty. They must not out of short sightedness exchange this transient world for the everlasting hereafter.

If they ever step out of their houses it should be with the sole intention of working in the way of the Lord and serving the religion of Islam. For, it is Islam that provides the real pleasures to this otherwise static and monotonous life and takes human being beyond the narrow paths of this world into the wide valleys of spirituality and God fearing nature.

Thus, the Islamic women of today should not confine herself be her individuality but consider herself to be responsible of tomorrows up and coming society. As George Bernard Shaw says, “If you train a man, you train a man but if you train a woman, you train a family.”

And the last call is this, “All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”


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