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The Imam Husayn's (a.s.) Camp on the Ninth

The Imam gathered all of his followers and gave a sermon. He praised God and then said, "I praise God that He has given us the Prophet and He has taught us the Qur'an and religion. He has given us ears and eyes and hearts, and he has not made us idol-worshippers. Indeed, I do not know any followers better than my followers nor any family better than my family. May God reward you all. Indeed, my grandfather has told me that I will be in Iraq and I will be killed and the time has come. Indeed, I think tomorrow will be the decisive day with these people. I have allowed you all to leave me alone and go on your own way. During this night, any one of you may take your horses and camels and leave. Any of you may take one of my family and leave and you may scatter in the cities and villages. Indeed, I am the one they want. When they get me, they will not go after anyone else."

After this sermon, his brothers and children and relatives said, "We will never leave you! We do not want to live after you are gone and we do not want to see that day!"
The Imam turned his face to the children of 'Aqil and said, "It is enough for you that your father was killed, you go."

They said, "By which face will we face other people and say to them, we left our master, the best of our family, and we did not help him when he needed our help' Indeed, we are here to sacrifice ourselves for you. Life after you is the worst life."

Ibn 'Awsajah said, "If we leave you alone, what would be our answer to God' I swear by God, I will not leave them until I hit them in their chests with my spear and fight them with my sword, and if I do not have a sword, I will throw rocks on them until I die with you!"

Sa'id Ibn 'Abdullah said, "We are not going to leave you until we prove that we have honored the Messenger of God by honoring you. By God, If I die and come back to life, and if I am burned and come back to life again seventy times, I will not leave you until I die for you."

Zuhayr Ibn al-Qayn said, "I wish to be killed in your way and come back to life and be killed 1000 times to protect you!"

After others said similar things, the Imam said, "Jazakumullah Khayra (may God reward you well)", and then said, "I am going to be killed tomorrow and all of you will be killed and no one among you will remain except my son 'Ali al-Sajjad."

When they heard that 'Ali al-Sajjad would survive the massacre, they all screamed in one voice, "All Praises to God! Praise God who has honored us to help you and honored us to die with you!"
Then, after the people became quiet, the Imam said calmly, "The good news is heaven."

Adapted from the book: "Karbala & Ashura" by: "Ali Hussain Jalali"

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