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The Holy Prophet (saws) is reported to have said, "Anyone who dies without having awareness of his Imam dies as an ignorant [disbelieving] person." Could you please explain the meaning of thi

Both Shi'ah and Sunni scholars generally agree that there is an Imam for every period in Islam. Without following an Imam it is not possible at any time to comply with Godly commands or to be obedient to Almighty God (swt). This hadith is evidence of Al-Mahdi's (as) status as Imam, and of his Occultation. Although we do not see him, he remains our Imam. This clearly authenticates the Shi'ah belief in Al-Mahdi (as). This hadith is a point to ponder for every Muslim is unaware of Al-Mahdi (may Allah expedite his reappearance.)36


36. Ibid: p.23

Adapted from the book: "The Awaited Saviour; Questions and Answers"

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