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The Holy Prophet and Khadijah’s Death

Khadijah, the kind and devoted wife of the holy Prophet of Islam, passed away in the month of Ramadhan in the 10th year of hegira at the age of sixty-five. The holy Prophet conducted the funerals personally and laid her to rest at the Abu Talib Cemetery in Hujun (Mecca). The agony of her death extremely bereaved the Prophet and hence the prophet designated that year as the Year of Grief. In fact, the wealth of Khadijah was a determining factor in promotion of Islam and support of the holy Prophet. Hence the year of her death was the Year of Grief. The Prophet was extremely agonized because he had lost the mother of his daughter, Hazrat Fatima, and would never find a companion like Khadijah.
Aisha has been quoted as saying: the Prophet said: She (Khadijah) embraced Islam when people were infidel, she acknowledged me when others rejected me, she gave her properties to me when others deprived me, and God blessed me with children from her. (It means that God blessed me with Fatima from her).
For years after her death, the Prophet used to remember his loyal companion and even wept in her loss. Aisha said: whenever the prophet got some sheep slaughtered, he would say: give parts of the meat to Khadijah’s friends. He used to frequently remember her. According to another tradition, whenever the prophet received any gift, he would say: give it to so and so lady who was a friend of Khadijah.
On the day of the conquest of Mecca, the holy Prophet arranged the route in a manner to travel the side of Khadijah’s grave.

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