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The Heroine of Karbala

The Heroine of Karbala

After Karbala, it was the mighty daughter of Imam Ali (pbuh) who took charge of the caravan of the Ahlul-bayt. The suffering and tribulations intensified, and it was Lady Zaynab (pbuh) who took on the role of Hazrat Abbas (pbuh). The following is Part of the speech delivered by Lady Zaynab in Kufa:

The descendant of the bearer of the Final Message, the very essence of the message, the source of you security and the beacon of your guidance, the refuge of righteous from among you, the one who saves you from calamity, the master of youth of paradise ... is killed.

O how horrible is the sin that you bear! Miserable you are and renegade from the path of righteousness; may you be distanced and crushed. The effort is rendered futile, the toil is ruined, the deal is lost, and you earned nothing but Wrath from Allah and His Messenger, you are doomed with servitude and humiliation.

Woe unto you, O Kufians! Do you know whose heart you have burned, what a feat you have accomplished, what blood you have shed, and what sanctity you have violated. You have done a most monstrous deed, something for which the heavens are about to split asunder and so is the earth, and for which the mountains crumble.

You have done something most uncanny, most defaced, as much as the fill of the earth and of the sky. Do you wonder why the sky rains blood?

Surely the torment of the Hereafter is a greater chastisement, and they shall not be helped. Let no respite elate you, for rushing does not speed it up, nor does it fear the loss of the opportunity for revenge.

Your Lord is waiting in ambush for you.

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