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The Fire of Discontent

Who could be unaware of the fire of discontent which is raging today in every human heart. The cause of this heart burning is the present materialistic age, with its peculiar slander and backbiting, excessive engrossment in the accumulation of wealth and wealth worship the very same characteristics which also are the cause of the emergence of nuclear weapons.

4) The fire of Hotama according to the Quran is "a fire closed in on them". Please bring your imagination into play and enact the scene of an atomic explosion of say a twenty megaton bomb. There is a column ten miles high, three miles across like the central pole of a tent. This column is topped by a mushroom shaped lid, a hundred miles across. Around this column imagine a hollow, transparent cylinder eighty miles in diameter, ten miles high and covered with the hundred miles mushroom lid of the column.

This imaginary enclosure is actually the effective range of the bomb in question. The interior of this eighty miles wide cylinder comprises, heat-flash, blast waves inter-woven with radiation invisible rays, interspersed with colossal fires and flying incandescent debris amidst shattering buildings, toppling spires of lofty churches, all enveloped in whirling clouds of a shridden smoke and choking fumes, and indeed unwholesome odour of burning bodies of men, women, children in an atmosphere of wails, unheard, groans uncarved and cries unresponded in an enclosure eighty miles around and ten miles high. But the description of the enclosure is not yet complete.

There is yet another story above this awe-inspiring edifice. Raise up your head and see, the central three miles wide column has shot upward from the mushroom lid towards the higher regions above the troposphere into the stratosphere another ten miles. There the head of the column has spread itself into a thin layer of radioactive fallout, to be driven by the prevailing streams of wind around the earth like satellites for about ten years, gradually settling out on the earth, and contaminating vegetation and sources of water, and turning human beings into chimeras and monsters begetting monsters. And thus we see that even the whole earth has been enclosed by the fire of Hotama.

Also, that the action of atomic explosion starts with heat-flash within a fraction of a second, then comes the blast and lastly the ionizing radiations. All this takes place at the most in ten seconds. Who could, therefore get out of the effective range of the explosion which may be as far as eighty miles, a fraction of a second or even ten seconds. Judging from the number of affected persons which may run into millions the evacuation of such huge masses of people as might have survived the heat-flash and the blast and are affected by radioactive fallout, seems an impossibility even for the most industrialized countries, for the people affected by fallout have to be removed to safer places within a day or two, if serious hazard is to be avoided. Again, whereto they are to be evacuated, where is a safer place to be found in case of war?. In short it is a fire closed in on them.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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