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The Atomic Radiations

These radiations, alpha, beta, gamma rays and neutrons are inherent in the very nature of atomic explosion. These radiations entering into the blood stream seek the bones and there attack, the Bone-marrow. The function of bone-marrow is to generate blood. The radiations render it incapable of generating blood, and destroy both the red and white blood corpuscles. The supply of blood to the heart is thus stopped and the heart thus dies of starvation and torment. All the blood-forming organs are a very attractive target of radiations. The relation between the blood-forming organs and blood and heart is well known.

The symptoms of radiation sickness are, leukemia; a disease of blood, hemorrhages that is blood leaking also a disease of blood; fever, also connected with blood, nausea and vomiting, also related with heart.

All multi-cellular organism with more perfected heart and lungs, and more elaborated circulatory and respiratory systems are without exception more sensible to the effects of radiations than all the unicellular organisms that have less perfect heart and lungs and less elaborate circulatory and respiratory systems. This also proves a decisive affinity of the radiations for heart. The presence of oxygen enhances the action of radiations whereas its absence retards their action. The role of oxygen in the aeration of blood and lungs and heart is apparent. Muscles, nerves and brain are the organs least sensible to radioactivity, whereas, Heart and all those organs that are connected with heart are most sensible to the effect thereof. It proves a particular affinity of these radioactive rays for heart.

The nuclear energy is generated even on the same principle that is the heart attack. In fission process a neutron attacks the heart of an atom in a pile of fissile material and knocks out two neutrons. These knocked out neutrons as if in a retaliative mood attack in turn an atom each and knock out two neutrons from the heart of atom each. This process continues multiplying the number of knocked out neutrons and so the fission chain reaction is built up till the whole mass of fissile matter becomes red hot and explodes in wrath at the hearts having been disturbed. And so also in the fusion process the hearts (nuclei) of two atoms are crushed together and energy is liberated.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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