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The Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (A.S.)

The Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (A.S.) is a collection Imam Ali’s personality, tradition and the Institute has published thoughts, which have been compiled in Persian into 13 volumes of 6000 pages, for Culture and Islamic Thought, Tehran, Iran. This scientific encyclopedia includes 110 main entries and 3000 sub-entries in 10 categories and has been prepared under the supervision of Prof. Ali Akbar Rashad and the cooperation of more than 200 Scholars in Hawzah(Islamic seminaries) and university professors. This work was recognized as the best religious research in Iran and nowadays it is a candidate to receive the award of being the best religious research in international societies.


1. Efforts have been made to compile a series of intellectual and social discussions, documenting the philosophy, sayings and traditions of Imam Ali (A.S.).

2. Striving to collect all the sermons, letters and traditions received from the Imam (A.S.) relevant to the entries.

3. Researching the variety, comprehensiveness and richness of the discussions.

4. Structurally arranged subject matter in articles provided;

5. Coherence and unity of topics.

6. Comprehensive index and subject contents.

7. Having used the first-hand historical sources.

8. The application of scientific language

The contributors to this work are the most competent thinkers as well as young graduates of universities and religious seminaries.

This work is mostly based on intellectual discussions, but realizing the necessity of becoming acquainted with the historical background of the intellectual aspects of the subjects, the history, traditions, and the events of the time of Imam Ali (A.S.) and the later period, one volume lists the various resource books referenced and relevant bibliographies.

Each macro-category has also been categorized into more detailed sub-entries each of which is accessible in one or more separate volumes. In addition to the main 12 volumes, there is also a separate volume as the introduction to the work which includes the main 12 volumes, there is also a separate volume as the introduction to the work which includes the main preface, detailed list of contents, subject index, abstracts, list of authors.

The main entries have been arranged into ten macro-categories:

1. Philosophy and Knowledge(vol.1)

2. The Source of Creation and Resurrection (vol.2)

3. Prophethood and Leadership(vol.3)

4. Ethics and Behaviour(vol.4)

5. Law(vol.5)

6. Politics(vol.6)

7. Economics(vol.7)

8. History(vols. 8 and 9)

9. Tradition(vols.10 and 11)

10. Bibliography(vol.12)

This encyclopedia was selected as the first choice of the Research Circle of Scholars in the fall of 2001.

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