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The Debate of Hesham with the chief of the Kharajites


Hesham, who was never defeated in debates, was a universal champion and his fame spread every where. He was always victorious over his opponents in every debate. Every one was anxious to witness his debates. Haroon, the most powerful caliph of the time, who was to a certain extent among the opponents, was also more anxious than others to watch the discussion and the speech of Hesham.

So one day, he ordered Yahya ibn Khaled, his minister to arrange a meeting and put Hesham face to face with Abdullah ibn Yazid Abazi, 43 the chief of the Kharajites, 44 who was also one of the famous learned men of the time. The caliph also sat in a secret place behind the curtain in such a manner that he was able to listen to their discussions clearly but they could not see him.

Then the caliph ordered Yahya ibn Khaled Barmaki to ask Abdullah to put forth his questions to Hesham. Yahya, by the order of Haroon, turned his face to Abdullah and said: "Put forth your questions to Aba Muhammad, Hesham." Hesham (by taking this opportunity) said: "The Khawarej have no right to ask us about anything."


43. In some books, the name of the father of Abdullah has been recorded as Zayd, which is apparently wrong.

44. Kharajites area group of people who were at first the followers of Imam Ali [a] and Shias. Then at the Battle of Siffin, due to the insistence of the army, the problem of arbitration occured.

Adopted from the book: "Hesham Ibn Hakam" by: "Mr. Reza Atai"

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