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The death of the lady Al-Ma'sooma (a.s.)

On the twenty-third of Rabieul-Awwal 201A.H., the caravan of the Lady Fatima Al-Ma'sooma “a.s.” arrived Qom and the people received her with great happiness, and were very glad that she entered their lands.

Musa bin Khazraj had much money and a wide house and so he accomodated her at home and took up on himself to take care of the lady Ma'sooma “a.s.” and her companions. He felt great happiness to serve the guests of Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” who came from the Messenger’s Madeena. Thus he prepared for them all what they need fastly.

Then Fatima Al-Ma'sooma took a temple for herself in the house of Musa bin Khazraj in order to invocate Allah, worship him, communicate with Him, to complain her pains to Him, and to intrust him with what was effected her, while this temple still remained till this day, and is called House of Light (Baytel Noor).

The disease of the daughter of Imam Al-Kaadhum “a.s.” worried her companions and the people of Qom so much, although they left nothing they could in order to treat her. Yet her state increased badly day after day, since the disease had already struck root in her body.

Then on the tenth of Rabie ith-thaani of the year 201 A.H. the Lady Ma'sooma “a.s.” died without seeing her pother, and the tears from her eyes and her heart’s grief had never been calm for his deprivation.

The inhabitants of Qom were afflicted by this misfortune and they performed the consolations with extreme sadness.

Adapted from: "A View At Fatima Ma'asumah's Life" by: "Ghulam Ridha Haydari Abhari"

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