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The Concept of Combat in the Life of Imams - Fierce Political Struggles

Of course it is not possible to study this issue in a single session. However, given the fact that the lives of the infallible Imams and the Ahl-ul-Bait (the Progeny of the Holy Prophet (S)) had always been politically oriented, I would shed some light on this aspect of their lives today. I would like to discuss this aspect in details.

The first question that is to be addressed in this regard is: What is the political struggle or fierce political struggle in the lives of the infallible Imams (AS)? It means that the struggles which were launched by the infallible Imams (AS) were not merely scientific, intellectual, or theological. Their struggles were not similar to the theological struggles we observe in the history of Islam during this period. Contrary to the sects of "Mu'tazilites" and "Asharites", the objective of the Imams in holding the educative sessions, debates, classes, as well as the narration of traditions, and teaching of Islamic doctrines and decrees was not to confirm the stance of their own theological school of thought. Their struggle was not an armed movement either. It was neither similar to that of Zaid and his survivors, nor like that of Bani al-Hassan, nor the struggles of some members of Aal-e-Ja'far and others in the history of the infallible Imams. They did not launch this kind of struggle either. It is pertinent here to state that the Imams did not denunciate the struggle of these figures. Although they denunciate some of them, their denunciation was not due to the nature of armed struggle. They also acknowledged some of them and even supported and contributed to some of these struggles.

The following tradition, attributed to Imam Sadiq (AS), is an example which supports this idea: "I would like the insurgents of the Progeny of Muhammad (S) to rise; in this case I would provide them with the required finance to run their houses (financial assistance, protecting their prestige, accommodating them, providing them with a hide-out, and so on). [Bahar-ul-Anwar, Vol. 46, P. 172, Tradition No. 2]. But the Imams themselves did not launch nor did they join the armed struggle.

Adapted from the book: "The Concept of Combat in the Life of Imams"

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