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The Caravan of Oppressed Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) in Kufa

As the captured prisoners entered into Kufa and were being led to the castle of Ubaydullah Ibn Ziyad, people gathered on the streets to see who the prisoners were. A woman came by and asked, “Who are you?” They replied, “We are the prisoners from the household of Prophet Muhammad (saww).”

Looking at the plight of small children, people began to sympathise and gave food. Zaynab (as) and Umm Kulthoom (as), the courageous daughters of ‘Ali bin Abi Talib (as) took the food from the kids and gave them back saying: “O People! We belong to the household of Muhammad. Sadaqah (Alms) are forbidden upon us.”

When the caravan of the captives reached a large group of people, Zaynab (as) stood and pointed to the people to be silent. The strong personality of the daughter of the lion of God had such an impact on the people that they all froze in silence. Thereupon, she (as) said,

“All praise is due to Allah and His blessings be upon our forefather Muhammad! O people of Kufa; People of treachery and deception! Are you crying? May your crying never ends. You are like women who untie what they have woven. You have no one among you but dirty, stubborn, liars, and you have done what will bring the wrath of God!

May your crying never end! And may your laughs be scarce! You carry all the shame that cannot be washed away. You have killed the descendants of the Prophet, the Lord’s claim (against you) of your time, and the light of your world. Woe unto you, and you will be humiliated forever!

O people of Kufa!

Do you not know what heart of the Prophet have you cut out?

Do you not know what honoured women of the Prophet’s house have you enslaved and dishonoured?

Do you not know what blood of the Prophet have you shed?

Indeed you have committed grave error that cannot be rectified!

It will be no wonder if the sky rains blood! And the punishment of the Hereafter is the worst punishment.”

Imam Al-Sajjad (as) noticed some movement among the troops and said to her, “O my aunt! Please be silent. Indeed you are knowledgeable without being taught.” Then Fatimah, daughter of Imam al-Husayn (as) spoke. Hearing her, people started crying and yelling.
Umm Kulthoom (as) said,

“Be silent, people of Kufa! Your men kill us and your women weep on us. Allah (SWT) will be the Judge between us on the day of Judgement. People of Kufa! Woe unto you! What is the matter with you? You kill Husayn, plunder his wealth, and capture his womenfolk and then cry for him? Do you realize the catastrophe you have brought upon yourselves? You have killed the best after the Prophet (saww)! Certainly the party of God is victorious and the party of Satan is the loser!

People cried and yelled more. Suddenly, they saw a young man tied in chains and bleeding come forth. He pointed at them to be silent and they adhered. He then began,

“All praise is due to God and His blessings be upon the Prophet (saww). O people! Whoever knows me knows me, and whoever does not know me then, I am ‘Ali son of Husayn son ‘Ali bin Abi Talib. I am the son of one whose women are taken captives. I am the son of one whose wealth was plundered. I am the son of one whose honour was trampled upon. I am the son of one who was killed by the Euphrates (thirsty); and that is a great honour for us.

O people! I ask you by God. Do you know that you wrote to my father and then deceived him? You promised him and then broke your promise? You fought against him (and killed him)? Woe unto you! What face will you have when you meet up with your Prophet and he will ask you: You have killed my family and trampled upon my honour? You are not from my nation!”

Hearing this, people of Kufa cried intensely until their beards were drenched in tears. Imam al-Sajjad (as) said, “May Allah bless the person who listens to me and honours my will.” The crowd answered, “Yes O son of the Prophet of God! We hear and obey you. We await your command for war or peace. We reject anyone who dishonours you.”

The Imam (as) said,

“Haihaat! Haihaat! (Never again! Never again

You, the deceivers! Do you want to do the same to me what you did to my father? The wound has not healed yet. My father was killed yesterday and we still hear the cries of the people of the house.”

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