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The caravan in Saweh

Finally the caravan arrived Sawa and there the Lady Al-Ma'sooma became seriously sick, to the extent that she could not go on in her movement.

Although this long tiring journey from Al-Madeena to Sawa caused her body to be weak but the stress of illness turned her body thin and her colour pale.

Is it possible then for the sister of Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” to continue her journey in order to visit her dear pother in Maro? Is it possible to regain her health so that she could see her pother?

These inquiries occupied the mind of the Lady Ma'sooma, and they increased her worry.

However the Lady Ma'sooma “a.s.” decided to go to Qom, while she asked her mates: How far is the distance to Qom?

They answered: “Ten leagues” So she ordered them to move towards Qom.

Qom was the shelter of Shia' during that period, despite that the sect of Shiism was not publically known in Iran. Because of the Arab Ashariya migration from Kufa to Qom, this town became a shi’ite town and all of its population were lovers of Ahlil-Bayit of the Messenger (The Prophet’s progeny).

Al-Ashariya had already migrated from Kufa to Qom because of the oppression of Umaids who exceeded the limit in their hostility toward the Prophet’s progeny and the Shiites of Ali.

So they built and established Qom and when people of Qom heard about the arrival of Ma'sooma “a.s.” to Sawa and knew about her illness, they decided to go to Sawa in order to meet the Lady Ma'sooma and to ask her to move towards Qom and to reside there. So they selected Mosa bin Khazraj, as a delegate in order to travel for daughter of Imam Al-Kaadhum “a.s.”. He travelled to Sawa, met her, and informed her about the desire of people of Qom, and their strong longing that she visits them. Then she responed to their quest and ordered the caravan to move towards Qom.

Proudly Musa bin Khazraj took up on himself leading the camel of the Lady Al-Ma'sooma, and led her towards Qom, which was waiting for the coming of Imam Ar-Ridha’s sister till the caravan arrived the beginning of Qom. 1

A- Imam Kadhum said: “Qom is the nest of Muhammad’s progeny, and the shelter of their followers and Shiites. Bihaaril – Annwaar vol. 57, 214.

B- As-Sadiq “a.s.” said: “Whenever you have been afflicted with a misfortune and stressness, you should resort to Qom as it is the shelter of the Fatimids, and the rest of the believers.” Bihaaril – Anwaar vol. 57, 214.

C- As-Sadiq “a.s.” said: “Kufa will be empty of the believers, while knowledge will subside from it just as a snake subsides into its burrow; then the knowledge appears in a town which is called Qom, and it will be the spring of knowledge and merit, so that no weak person in religion would be present even, the lonely women at the mountains, and that will be in a time near to emergency of Imam Mehdi. Thus Allah “a.s.” will elect Qom and its community authority “a.s.”, otherwise, the earth will sink with its inhabitants so no argument will remain on the earth: so knowledge will flow from it towards the various countries throughout the east and west. So the argument of Allah will be concluded on his creatures. So each one, on the earth, would have religion and knowledge. Bihaaril – Anwaar vol. 57, 213.

Adapted from the book: "A View at Fatima Ma'asumah's Life" by: "Ghulam Ridha Haydari Abhari"

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