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The burial ceremonies of Fatima Ma'sooma (s.a.)

The women of the Shi’as and the friends of Ahlil-baiyt “a.s.” took up on themselves the vitual ablution of the Holy body of the Lady Ma'sooma “a.s.” and shroweded her.

When the time of the burial took place, the bigshot people from the Ashariam and their important men saw, that the pure body must be buried in a special place other than the common cemetry, and that was because of their great and high estimation towards the daughter of Imam Al-Kaadhum “a.s.”, since they never desire to bury her body besides the graves of common people.

Musa bin Khazraj the antecedent in this affair, specialized a vast orchard at a location named “Bablaan” on the coast of Qom river, “and that is the location of the current holy shrine” in order to bury the pure body, so all the arrangents are ready now for the burying, but who will be the appointed one, who shall take up on himself in order to bury the immaculate body?

The people present exchanged the views about this affair between them, and finally they decided to recommend this affair for a virtuous old man, who is called Kaadir, thus they sent a person in order to fetch him, but he didn’t find him, and suddenly two persons came from the river side, approached towards the burial location, and when they approached to the pure body location, they came down from their horses, perfomed the ritual praying; then they took upon themselves the burial arrangement and buried the pure body. Then they amounted their horses and moved far and far fastly, while the common people were astonished.

Thus the ceremony of the body burial finished in high estimation with the cry and sadness of the Shi'a, so Qom became the true shelter of Muhammad’s progeny, and the sanctuary of the daughter of Imam Musa Al-Kaadhum “a.s.”.

Respecting the Lady’s Shrine Musa bin Hkazraj intailed his orchard for the Muslims, in order that the followers of Ali “a.s.” could bury their deads surrounding the holy grave.

Adapted from the book: "A View at Fatima Ma'asumah's Life" by: "Ghulam Ridha Haydari Abhari"

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