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The Ahl ul- Bait's Love

A Research on the Grounds of Emotional Relation Between the Youth and Imams (AS)

The subject of the following research has been designed using book ""The Superior Love"". Loving the Ahl- ul-  Bait is one of Islamic deeds. Establishing an emotional relationship between the youth and Imams (AS) immunizes them against mistakes and harms. Moreover, benefiting from the guidance of Ahl- ul- Bait they can choose the right path of life. In the holy Qur" an the reward for guiding and directing people for the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) has been assigned as their love and friendship: ""Tell them I will not ask you any reward for it (preaching Islam), but love of my family."" 1 The holy Prophet (SAW) states: ""Love of my family members (Ahl- ul- Bait) is obligatory for every man and woman."" 2

The love of Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) has extensive dimensions; (AS) love among the youth, pivoted with the duties of family and society, is considered.

Before discussing the main subject, it is necessary to mention some points:

By Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) we mean the twelve infallible Imams (AS) and Hazrat Zahra (AS).

By Love we mean friendship and utmost affection for the holy prophet"s (SAW) family, which has been referred to in different religious texts and traditions with various terms like: friendship, affection and love.

The meaning of the ways for creation of Ahl- ul- Bait"s love is expansion and deepening of an existing love, since the love of Ahl- ul- Bait is ingrained with people"s blood and flesh and there is no need for its creation.

There are various ways for creating of Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) love in the youth, to make a long story short some of which are mentioned here.

1- Pattern Making

Generally speaking, People and specially the young are idealist and hero lovers; there fore they try to make their behavior and speeches as their own pattern. If the youth know the high position of Imams (AS) and their guides and methods in life, they will be attracted to them. In religious instructions, it is recommended that people make the infallible Imams (AS) their Pattern. 3 In Qur" an the holy Prophet (SAW) has been introduced as the best pattern. 4

The holy Prophet (SAW) also had advised people to model the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS), and stated: ""My Ahl- ul- Bait separate the right and the wrong, and they are leaders who must be followed."" 5

2-Obeisance and Honoring the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS)

The way parents, teachers and great people of the society treat the holy Prophet"s (SAW) family has an influential role in creating of their love. Honoring the name of the Imams (AS), Saying Salavat for them, standing up when the name of Imam-e Asr (the twelfth Imam) is mentiond, holding celebrations for Imams" (AS) birthday anniversary and mourning meetings for their martyrdom anniversaries make the youth closer to Ahl- ul- Bait. In Islamic traditions Muslims are advised to name their children with infallible Imams" (AS) names, 6 It is also stressed to say Salavat  for him and his family when the name of Mohammad (SAW) is heard. When Sokuni informed Imam Sadiq: What have you named her? He said: Fatima. The Imam sighed and said: now that you have named her Fatima, never scold her and do not beat her at all. 7

3- Mentioning Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) Special Position to Muslims

One way for making the youth interested in the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) is to mention Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) special attentions toward Muslims, because the youth naturally like to be noticed by all especially by the great people. Therefore if they know that the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) consider them as the branches and leaves of a tree which are connected to themselves" and will solve their problems in this world, and will intercede for them in the next world, then they will be interested in Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) seriously. There are many traditions in this regard.

4- Mentioning the position of the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS)

We should teach the youth that Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) are the mediators of divine blessings and they are our lords. 8

These great persons have had and will have fundamental roles in creating of Islamic civilization and our identification. All our religious, political, judicial and mystical issues originate from Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) instructions, and they have been our heroes in various scientific, moral and social grounds. The dimensions of their personalities were such that both friends and enemies respected them; some examples of thier fascinating  character and mentioned here;

Ayishah (the holy prophet"s wife) says, ""I saw Abubakar looking at Ali"s (AS) face very much. I said; Oh father! You look at Ali"s (AS) face too much, what"s the reason? He said: My daughter, I heard of the holy Prophet (SAW) that said: Looking at Ali"s face is worshiping.""9

If through compiling books, making films and holding meetings and the like, the like, the position of the Ahl- ul- Bait is introduced, the youth will become eagerly attracted to them. Imam Reza (AS) said, ""If people know the benefits of our words and instructions, they will follow us."" 10

5- Mentioning the Excellence of the Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) Friendship

Although mentioning the position of Aul- ul- Bait (AS) has an important role in creating their love, but to mention the excellence of their multi plies its influence. Islamic traditions have invited everybody to love the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS), and even considered it as their right. Imam Ali (AS) stated: "You are recommended to love your Prophet"s (SAW) family, because it is God"s right upon you."" 11

There are lots of traditions about the excellence of Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) love. 12  The holy Prophet (SAW) stated, "He who dies with the love of Muhammad"s family, he has died as a martyr, and will be blessed, and he will die while being fathful and completely repentance of his wrong deeds. The death angle annunciates him of heaven and his grave will be the place for God"s mercy& ""13

In other traditions the Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) love and affection is considered a ""divine duty"" and a criterion for the admission of people"s deeds and worships.

The martyred philosopher Mottahari (RA) believed that, The greatest advantage of Islam over other religions is that the main foundation and root of it, is love. Since the time of Adam (AS) that this religion was founded, there has been the whisper of love and friendship.

Ibn-e Sakit Ahvazi was one of the prominent scientists and special students of Imam Javad and Imam Hadi (AS). Abbasid Motawakke1 chose him to teach his two sons (Mo" ataz and Mo" ayyed). He taught Motawakkel"s children for a while out of expediency. One day Motawakk1 hold a regal meeting, in which scientific and literary personalities took part. Motawakke1 knew that Ibn-e Sakit was one of Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) lovers. At that meeting he asked ibn- e Sakit: Which one do you love more: my two sons (Mo" ataz and Mo" ayyed) or Hassan and Hussein?! Ibn-e Sakit got caught in a hard situation, for he knew that Motawakke1 and his executioners are the most ruthless people; nevertheless, frankly he answered: I swear by God that Qanbar- Imam Ali"s (AS) servant- is better than you and your son. Motawakke1became so furious of that answer that ordered his servants to pull his tongue out from behind of  his neck. 14  

6- Religious Associations

The youth"s spontaneous plans- in regard with holding the celebration or mourning meeting for Imam"s (AS) birthday or martyrdom anniversaries- which are performed in groups I ink their hearts with the love of Ahl- ul- Bait (AS), because they have good spiritual grounds which must be applied properly. Some associations can be formed in different neighborboods with responsibility of those young people themselves in order to improve their love to Ahl- ul- Bait (AS). These groups should be formed under supervision of scholars and clerics, so that they may not slip out of rational Path of Islam.

Here an important point must be mentioned, that is some people supposing that they are honoring Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) , unconsciously take them further than being a pattern, and cause the youth to think that they can never benefit from their lifestyle and manners; therefore they do not take them as patterns. In Islamic in structions Muslims are prohibited from exaggeration, and they are advised to introduce Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) as they really are.

The holy prophet of Islam (SAW) stated, ""do not extol me more than I deserve, for before assigning me as a Prophet, God has put  me His servant."" 15 Imam Sadiq (AS) said, ""A man came to the holy Prophet (SAW) and said: peace be you my God! The holy Prophet (SAW) became angry and said: God, woe upon you! Your God is Allah."" 16

Some people has understated the Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS)l

love and considered loving them equal to that of other people. These people believe that the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) belong to their own time and cannot be successful patterns for people of all eras.

Understating and overstating the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) are among serious harms and must be confronted. The best method for acclaiming Aul- ul- Bait (AS) is to observe moderation. Imam Ali (AS) stated, ""Soon two groups will perish. Because the friend who exaggerates goes towards other than right, and the enemy who spites goes to the wrong way."" 17

7- Visiting Ahl- ul- Bait"s (AS) Shrines

Presence of the youth in  religious places and going on pilgrimage to the shrines of the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) leads to knowing their position more and supplying the ground for deepening their love. In other words seeking the intercession of the Ahl- ul- Bait (AS) while praying to God and reading their pilgrimage prayers makes the youth interested in those great people, because in the standard salutations (ziyarat) their life dimensions and doctrines are mentioned.

8- Suspicion Removal

The youth are the most vulnerable people in different doctrinal, social, political, and cultural grounds because they have not enough experience and rationality to analyse the problems correctly and therefore they will be influenced by enemy propaganda and their effort to make them suspicious of their believes. Their being inexperienced on one hand, and exploitation policies of the enemies, on the other had, result in their having difficulty recognizing the right and the wrong and in choosing the right path.

Today the enemies of Islam and Ahl- ul- Bait (AS), using all media Iike films, books, cinemas and the like are trying to enfeeble the religious beliefs of the youth, and separate them from the  Ahl- ul- Bait (AS). Therefore it is necessary to remove suspicions and strengthen in our hearts the Ahl- ul- Bait"s love.


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By Courtesy Jomhoori Islami, Persian Daily.

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