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Tasbihat Hadhrat az-Zahra (A.S.)

Another post-prayer devotional act {ta‘qibat} is the tasbihat of Hadhrat az-Zahra (‘a); that is, reciting 34 times “Allahu akbar,” 33 times “al-hamdu lillah,” and 33 times “subhan Allah” after finishing one’s obligatory prayer. This tasbih {tasbihat} was taught by the Messenger of Allah (S) to his daughter Fatimah(‘a), and its recital has been highly emphasized as having huge spiritual rewards.
Imam al-Baqir (‘a) says: “There is no eulogy better than the tasbihat of Hadhrat az-Zahra (‘a), and if there were any, the Messenger of Allah (S) would have taught it to his daughter.”[1][512]

In numerous traditions, it is stressed that to have a rosary {tasbih} with 34 beads from the sacred soil of Imam al-Husayn (‘a) and to recite tasbihat with it has great rewards, and even counting its beads without the recital of tasbihat is good and valuable.[1][513]

And it is stated in a hadith that the beads themselves glorify {dhikr} God.[1][514]

The turbah of al-Husayn (‘a) is reminiscent of the epic in Karbala’ and reviver of the culture of martyrdom, and it makes human beings familiar with the Doyen of the Martyrs (‘a) himself, divine leadership, jihad, martyrdom, self-sacrifice, struggle against tyranny, and remaining steadfast against oppressors.

The tasbihat of Hadhrat az-Zahra (‘a), as stated, has been mentioned even in hadith books of the sunni people {Ahl as-Sunnah}[1][515] but it is nowhere mentioned that the name of the said tasbihat is Tasbihat Hadhrat az-Zahra’ (‘a)!

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