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Tafsir Surah Abasa - Part 7

It is understood by itself the term ‘to see’ it does not mean just seeing the external things but to observe carefully the food materials and to think upon their structure and the life giving elements which provides the wonderful effects on the existence of man and next is the turn, to consider deep heartedly about their Mighty Creator ,the God.

Some believed that by seeing the foods means when man sits before the table spread observes the food carefully and began to think how he had earned them? Is it acquired in a legal way or does he earned it illegally? Haram or halal? By this way he reaches to the moral and the religious aspects.

In some of the narrations from the infallibles it is quoted that by the word طَعَامِ it means the knowledge and the wisdom which is the food of the soul. And the man should get well acquainted, the source from which he had received it.

The human being is made up of body and soul, as the body needs the food matter, the souls too needs the spiritual food. When the man is very much careful about the food, he have to think that who provides him the main living source such as rain water like this way he gets the knowledge of his spiritual food too, that is the down pour of the revelations from the Compassionate God and it descends in the territory of the prophet’s chaste hearts and from there gets stored in the infallibles heart and like a gushing streams spread on the plains of the hearts and nurtures the various delicious fruits of piety and merits of morals.

Yea the man must see properly, where is the fountainhead of his wisdom and knowledge which is the food of his soul, he must be careful not to take this food from the unclean and dirty fountain head which may afflict his body and soul and kill him.

And by the way of giving priority to the comparisons, one can undertake the guidance in the matters of haram and halal, legal and illegal.

May be the word طَعَامِ have a vast and broad meaning and the term ‘to see’ as well.

Here, who is the man? Undefined it is evident, that generally it includes all the human beings, believers and non believers. Everybody should observe the food and its wonders and the secrets hidden in them so that the unbelievers find the way of truth and the believers increase their faith.

Truly every food matter: fruits, food grains, vegetables have its own world; one can study them for a long period and consider into them and learn many lessons which can render us insight in our the entire life.

Then defined in detail about these foods, its sources and said: we poured down abundant water from the sky.

أَنَّا صَبَبْنَا الْمَاء صَبًّا(80:25)

صب means the down pour of water here it means the descend of rainfall and in the end to stress upon the abundance of the matter, it is said: صبا

Yea the water which is the important matter of life and constantly pours down from the sky in great quantity is by the kindness of Benevolent God, we know that all the rivers, subterranean canal, reservoirs, wells of water receive their water from the rain. Their main substance is water. If the rain did not pour down on the mountains then within a year the rivers will become dry.

Therefore while studying the food matters, above everything the man pays attention to the system of the rain’s downpour which by the incessant shining of the sun rays upon the ocean surface changes into the vapours and form the clouds who rise high up and the winds gives them movement, then getting away and away from the earth, due to the exposure to cold spaces, once again changes into the water again and pours down into a clean and pure water drops devoid of all the harmful and contaminated minerals, that too in the shape of minute drops and the soft snow balls too rest calmly upon the land and absorbs into the ground, plants and trees.

After explaining about the water which is the important source of growing the plants, then the subject turns towards the other important source that is the land. And added: then we cause fission in the land.

ثُمَّ شَقَقْنَا الْأَرْضَ شَقًّا(80:26

Most of the interpreters defined this fission and indicated towards the splitting of the land by the sprouts of plants. Certainly it is one of the wonders that a soft and delicate sprout splits the soil of land and some times in the mountains it passes through the rocks and pops out it head. What a great power the Majestic God created in this tender sprout which can exhibit its strength in such a manner.

Some presumed the term ‘splitting of soil’ as the probability of ploughing the land by the men or by means of the worms which is also a sort of ploughing the land including the other vital and life sustaining functions that takes place in the land.

It is true that the ploughing of the land is the job of a man but its entire means are provided to him by the Benevolent God and they are related to the Merciful God only.

The third definition of the term ‘splitting of soil’ maybe assumed about the breaking of the stones on the surface.

Its definition: In the beginning, may be the surface of the earth crust was covered with the eminent rocks, the downpour of incessant floods of rains, broke apart the rocks and separated its particles and stretched them in the lowlands. In this way, the masses of the soil became capable of agriculture and at present also the floods dissolves a part of them in itself and shed them in the oceans. But the further more fresh soil is formed by means of rains and snowfall and replaces it else the man would have been faced the deficiency of the agricultural soil.

Like this manner the ayat points out towards one of the scientific miracles of the noble Quran which exhibits that first the rain pours down and then the splitting of lands takes place, in getting them ready for agriculture. It is not only happened in the earlier days, it is occurring these days as well.

After defining these two basic elements, water and soil, described the eight varieties of the plants which grows as the basic food product of the man and animals and said: Then on the land we had grown plenty of grain.

فَأَنبَتْنَا فِيهَا حَبًّا


The food grains which are the main food of the man and different animals, the year if the food grain gets unavailable because of the draught, the famine and hunger prevails in the entire world and the human kind will sink in the hardships.

حَبًّا declares the greatness or the variety of the grains, some described it as the wheat and barley but this term includes the entire range of grains.

In the next phase it adds: Similarly the grapes and vegetables

وَعِنَبًا وَقَضْبًا


It described the grape among all the fruits is for its nutritional and vital values that this fruit contains and made it a whole some food (point to be noted عنب is told to the fruit as well as to grape vine in the ayaat of Quran this terms is imposed upon two of them but here it is a grape).

قَضْبً here means the varieties of the vegetables it is mentioned after the grapes because of its nutritional values. Today in the science of nutrition it is highly emphasised upon this subject.

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