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Symbol of Infallible in Qom

Being a virtuous incarnate, it is no exaggeration if we call Hazrat Massoumah (SA) second to Hazrat Fatima (SA). She passed away in the prime of her life, at age 17, away from her home. She departed from Medina to Marve, eager to meet her brother Imam Reza (AS), but returned to her Lord before fulfilling her desire.

At Saveh, a town on the way to Qom, she fell ill. Since she had been told the two towns were not far from each other, she ordered her entourage to proceed to Qom.

The residents of Qom welcomed the daughter of Imam Musa ibn Ja"far (AS). Musa ibn Khazraj invited her to his house, during which it was a great honor to have her, even if only for 17 days while Hazrat Massoumah was confined to her deathbed.

She was to be buried by old Kadir, the faithful and pious servant of Musa ibn Khazraj, on a plot of land called Babulan. However, while they had sent for Kadir, two masked horsemen arrived in full speed, alighted, said a prayer onto the corpse, and buried it. They did not utter a single word. No one knew who the two masked horsemen were, or where they had come from. Thus, a member of the Household of the Prophet (SAW) rests here, rendering Qom, a town in the desert, the `garden of knowledge and theology".

The Center of Theological Studies flourishes under the auspices of this scion of the Household of the Prophet (SAW). Great religious scholars kiss the threshold of her holy shrine; true lovers of the Prophet (SAW) travel to pay homage to her.

Before his holy granddaughter was born, Imam Ja"far Sadiq (AS) brought the tidings that Qom would be honored with the holy shrine of Hazrat Massoumah (SA) and those who visit the shrine will enter Paradise.  Her shrine is a paradise of spirituality and religious devotion, a gem in this desert town and fountain of divine blessing and grace. Not only do visitors come from Iran, but from Africa, China, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey and the Far East they come to pay homage to this site of light and divine blessing.

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