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Strawberry Ice Cream


1 lt long life milk
1 * 250ml tub fresh cream
1 *250ml box Cremendous  cream or fresh cream
1 * 397g can condensed milk
½ cup strawberry Nesquik
¼ tsp rose pink colouring
2 punnets strawberries, chopped
½ cup sugar


Combine milk, fresh cream, cremendous cream and condensed milk.

Add the Nesquik and colouring.

Whisk mixture for 1 minute and pour into the ice – cream machine.

Place strawberries and sugar in a pan and cook until sugar dissolves.

Leave to cool.

Pour ¾ of the ice –cream into a round cake mould lined with cling wrap.

Place in freezer overnight.

When serving, turn ice –cream mould onto a platter.

Scoop ice – cream balls from the remaining ice – cream, and set over the ice – cream mould.

Pour strawberry sauce over ice – cream scoops and serve.

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