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Spinach Triangle Pies

Origin: Syria, Lebanon


* 4-5 loaves of Basic Bread Dough Recipe


* 2 Bunch of fresh spinach
* 1 Bunch of green onions
* 1 Medium dry onion
* 1/8 tsp allspices
* Salt & pepper to taste
* 1/2 cup Olive oil
* 3/4 cup Lemon juice
* 1 Pomegranate, shelled, optional
* 1 cup Raisins, optional
* 1 cup Walnuts shredded, optional


Wash the greens and drain well. Finely chop all ingredients leaving the dry onions on top. To the dry onions, add seasonings and work with fingers, then mix well, adding the oil and  lemon. ( This is like a regular salad. ) Either pomegranate and walnuts or raisins used but not both. If pomegranate is used, reduce amount of lemon juice to 1/4 cup.

Roll dough like pie crust. Cut into 4" rounds ( use a percolator lid. ) Place a heaping tablespoon of the filling on the rounds and close in shape of a triangle. Work rapidly.

Cover the bottom of a pan with oil and place the pies in rows. Bake at 400° until golden brown. This recipe will yield 3-4 dozen.

Note: When closing pies, be careful not to get juices in the edges. This will make it difficult to close. If this happens dip fingers in flour and close.

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