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Some Ziyarats in Mashhad

1. Saiyad Ahmed Kabir (A.M). It is heard from some aalimedeen that some Sunnis carry his flag with pomp in India.

2. Janab Shaikh Bahauddin Aameli (A.M.) who was a famous Mujtahid. He is buried near the new Sahn of Hazrat at Aivaan-e-Tilaa Naasiri. His father and his son are also buried there.

3. Hurre Aameli. He is also a well known aalim and is also buried opposite the above place in the old Sahn.

4. There is a big graveyard (Qabrastaan) behind the old Sahn. It is called Qatlagaah. The reason behind this name can be known only there. Originally there was a very green garden and a house. In that house, there are three stones named Sang-e-Mahag, Sang-e-Mahmood and Sang-e-Muraad. The Mujawar says that when Hazrat Imam Raza was poisoned he was feeling much pain so he took a stone and started moving it upon his belly. Whenever that stone was being pressed that particular side of that stone became soft as kneaded flour. Therefore there are several depressions on the surface of that stone.

5. Besides what is written about the above three stones there is also a white stone. The Mujawar says that when a devout religious person named Haji Nazar Ali was returning from his Haj Pilgrimage, he saw that stone somewhere in possession of a Jew. He purchased it at a high price, built a house and placed the stone therein. He also willed that he should be buried therein. He is buried there. It is well known that in order to show a miracle to the Jews, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) had put his foot in goats milk, that froze and became like a marble stone. His footprint is also there.

6. There is a dome (Qubbah) at the other end of the graveyard. Hazrats brother is buried there. He is called Sultan Mohammed Sahib. People go there too for Ziyarat.

7. The grave of Hazrats special Khadim Khwaaja Abussalt who remained with Hazrat till the end, is at a distance of 12 miles from Mashhad. The fare of horse carriage to reach there is 15 Karaans.

8. At a distance of 4 miles from Mashhad is a big vast tomb of Khwaaja Rabia and there is a big garden having mostly rose plants. He was a great vali (friend of Allah). The fare of the horse carriage to reach here is eight Karaans.

Adapted from the book: "Pilgrimage to Mashhad" by: "Haji Davood Haji Naseer"

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