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Some Q&A about Eating and Drinking

Q: Assuming one’s mouth or gums bleed during the month of Ramadan, ought one to purify the inside of one’s mouth?

A: Swallowing such blood is not permissible; if one intentionally swallows such blood whilst fasting, one will be deemed as breaking one’s fast with a ḥarām act. The rinsing of the inside of one’s mouth isn’t necessary.

Q: Assuming a fasting person forgetfully consumes something, must one remind him/her of it?

A: No, it isn’t obligatory to remind them.

Q: What’s the ruling concerning gargling in relation to those who are fasting?

A: Assuming water flows down the throat whilst gargling, the fast becomes void.

Q: What is the ruling in relation to a fasting person chewing gum?

A: Assuming nothing enters the throat, it's unproblematic.

Q: Is it deemed problematic to brush one’s teeth with toothpaste whilst fasting?

A: It's unproblematic; however one must prevent the swallowing of that saliva which is blended with paste and/or water.

Q: What’s the ruling in relation to a fasting person being infused with intravenous fluids?

A: Obligatory caution dictates that one refrains from such infusion, irrespective of whether they are used for medicinal or nutritional purposes.

Q: What’s the ruling in relation to a fasting person using tooth floss that contains fluoride and bears a minty taste?

A: Assuming no [fluoride-containing] saliva is swallowed, it's unproblematic.

Q: Assuming a patient has been prescribed, by the physician, to take regular medication thrice a day, may he/she still fast?

A: One can’t fast under such circumstances.

Q: What's the ruling in relation to a fasting person being vaccinized against hepatitis? Would it make one’s fast void?

A: Assuming the vaccinization is carried out intramuscularly, it’s unproblematic.

Q: Diabetic patients take insulin injection. Does it break fasting? If yes, what could the patient do if he/she is compelled to take it?

A: Insulin injection does not break fasting.

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