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Remaining in a State of Janābah during the Month of Ramadan

Q: During the month of Ramadan, last year, the janābah ghusl had become binding upon me during sahar (2-3 hour period preceding fajr adhān) one night; on waking up during sahar – in a state of janābah – I had decided to wait until the time for ghuslating becomes limited thus enabling me to tayammumate, instead of ghuslating. However, after falling asleep I hadn’t woken up till after the fajr adhān. What is my duty?

A: Although you had intended to perform your duty during the limited time (preceding the fajr adhān), nevertheless the compensatory fast for that day remains binding upon you. Note that had tayammum been your canonical duty and you had, in fact, intended to carry it out before fajr – albeit unsuccessful due to having fallen asleep – the fast would have been deemed valid due to the nature of your sleep i.e. it being termed your first sleep (post-janābah).

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