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Some Other Examples Of The Signs Of The Effects Of Certainty

Adapted from: "Imam 'Ali's First Treatise on The Islamic Ethics and Education" by: "Zainol Aabideen Qorbani Lahiji"

Anybody, who gets the elixir of certainty at his disposal and employs it in his belief and practical daily affairs, will have peculiar excellent spiritual moods and will perform extraordinary works, some of which are mentioned here:
A) Godwariness
The people of certainty enjoy Godwariness about which Imam ‘Ali (as) has said:
التَقوَى ثَمَرَةُ الدِّينِ وَاَمارَةُ اليَقِينِ
"Godwariness is the fruit of religion and the sign of certainty."9
The Great Prophet of Islam, too, talks about Godwariness which is one of the signs of certainty: “There are six signs for the person of certainty: He has certainty of God, thus believes in Him. He is certain that death is true, thus he is wary of it.
He is certain that the Resurrection is true; therefore, he is fears the humiliation (of that day). He is certain that Paradise is true; therefore, he yearns for it. He is certain that the Hell fire is true; therefore, he strives to save himself from it. He is certain that the accountability on the Day of Judgment is true; therefore, he is takes account of himself”.10
B) He Gets Rid Of Deceiving Hopes
Imam ‘Ali (as), regarding this, says: "Anybody who is sure that he will separate from friends, that he will be put under the ground, that he will be accountable on the Day of Judgment for what he has done, that what he leaves behind will not help him in the future, that he will need what he has sent in advance, should shorten his far-fetched whims and desires and add to his good deeds"11
C) He Is Patient And Disasters Seem Easy To Him
Imam ‘Ali (as) has said,
    الصَبرُ ثَمَرَةُ اليَقِيَن"
"Patience is the fruit of certainty"12
Imam ‘Ali (as) has also stated:
    "سِلاحُ المُؤمِنِ، الصَبْرُ عَلى البَلاءِ وَالشُكْرُ في الرَّخَاءِ"
"The weapon of a believer is patience during trials and being thankful at the time of ease."13
Imam ‘Ali (as) in the same letter (No 31) advises his son Imam Hasan (as) in the following way: "With the help of patience and certainty, make sorrow flee from you."
Imam as-Sajjad (as) in his prayer invokes God: "O God! I ask you to give me conviction; in this way, you will make the hardships of the world seem easy."14
The word "treasure" in the holy verse
    "وَأَمَّا الْجِدَارُ فَكَانَ لِغُلَامَيْنِ يَتِيمَيْنِ فِي الْمَدِينَةِ وَكَانَ تَحْتَهُ كَنزٌ لَهُمَا"
"And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city, and there was beneath it a treasure belonging to them [Qur’an 18:82]"
is not meant literally, but it was a slate on which was written; “I am Allah. There is no god but me. Anybody who has certainty in death, does not laugh so broad as to show his teeth; One who has certainty in accountability, is not very happy; and one who has certainty in Divine destiny, does not fear anybody except God.' "15
Imam Sadiq (as) as well, has said, "There exists no action without certainty, and there is no certainty without greeting God with humility and respect."16
D) Ascent To Divine Fate
Imam ‘Ali (as) has stated: "Anybody who is satisfied with Divine Fate, will definitely enjoy good certainty.17
He has said, as well: "Being happy with God is the result of certainty."18
Imam Sadiq (as), as well, has said, "Being satisfied with affairs which seems to be troublesome, is of the highest degree of certainty."19
E) Sincerity
One who believes and has certainty in the origin of the creation, Resurrection, and Islamic education, naturally can not perform his affairs and actions for anybody else except God. Thus, regarding this, Imam ‘Ali (as) has said, "The sincerity of your intention is based on the strength of certainty and on the soundness of the intention"20
He has also said, "The reason behind sincerity is certainty."21 He has also said, "The sincerity in actions is the result of the strength of certainty."22 He as well has mentioned:
"The people of certainty are the people of sincerity."23
F) Piety
As certainty includes a lot of advantages, the lack of interest in the world, too, is the result of certainty. This is clear from a look at Imam ‘Ali's statements which follow:
"Certainty has piety as a result"
"Piety is the basis of certainty"
"One who is sure of the Doom's Day, will not be greedy for this world"
"Certainty is the best agent for lack of interest in this world"24
G) Trust and Reliance on Allah
One other result of certainty is the trust and reliance on Allah. Regarding this, Imam ‘Ali (as) says: "With trust in Allah we reach certainty." He also says: "Trust in God stems from the strength of certainty."
That also has said, "The truth of belief exists in the trust in God."25


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