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Some of the Miracles of Hadrat Abbas (A.S.)

Mr. Sayed Ali Safavi Kashani, narrated from Mr. Harouni that:

One of the water-carriers in the Heyat who carried water during Moharram (Ashura) and provided water for the kids, relates that God granted me a son who was suffering from paralysis for 11 years. One Tassoua night, I wanted to leave house, and the water bag was on my shoulder. My son called me: Where do you go dad? I answered: My dear son, tonight is Tassoua, and I am water-carrier in the Heyat. I shall go to provide water for the Heyat people. He said: You have never taken me to Heyat. Isn't your master "the gate to the people's need"? Take me with yourself to Heyat tonight, and ask for my healing from God, and your master.

He says that I was deeply affected, and put the water bag on one of my shoulders and my son on the other, and left the house. When Heyat was moving, I stood in front of Heyat, and said: Wait! Tonight my son told me something that my heart was broken. If my master does not heal my son tonight, tomorrow I will come to Heyat and tear this water bag, and will not act as water-carrier for Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.) anymore. I said this and Heyat moved.

At midnight, the mourning ceremony of Heyat was finished. Nothing happened and I was worried. I thought: O God, why did I say this? They may prefer my son to be in such condition, and God may deem it proper for me and him! Anyway, I have said so, and if it is not realized, I will tear the water bag tomorrow. I returned to home. Both I and my son were weeping. Once I saw, my son called me: Please stop crying. Forgive me if I have broken your heart! I am satisfied with whatever God is satisfied!

I came out of the room, and went to the other room. I was restless and still crying until I fell asleep. Once I heard my son is calling me, and says: Dad, come here, your master helped me. Your master healed me, dad.

I opened the door, and saw my son is standing on his foot. I asked: What happened?! He answered: When you left the room and I was weeping, I suddenly saw that the room is bright, and someone is standing beside me. He said to me: Stand up. I said: I cannot stand. He said: Say Abalfazl for once, and stand up! I too said Abalfazl for once, and stood up. Dad, your master did not disappoint me, and healed me! The narrator says: I took my son on my shoulder and left the house, while crying loudly: O people of Heyat, come to see that Abbas (a.s.) healed my son!

Hojjatoleslam Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Nahvi, the Qommi preacher narrated as follows from his late father, Haj Sheikh Abolqassem Nahvi on 16 Moharram 1417 (A.H.)

The late Nahvi were residing in Najaf Ashraf as instructed by Hazrat Ayatollah Ozma Boroujerdi (r.a.) along with his son. They were going to Karbala for a special Ziarat of Sayedoshohada Aba Abdellah Hossein (a.s.) concurrent with 15th Sha'ban. First they went to the holy shrine of Hazrat Imam Hossein (a.s.), and then to the holy shrine of Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem (a.s.). Once going to the shrine of Hazrat Abalfazl (a.s.), they see a 13-14 years old youth struck with electricity and died!
His father was talking with Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem (a.s.), and said: Dear master, you know that I was going to come to your Ziarat, but my wife did not agree for bringing him here. Now, what shall I reply her if I come back home without him?! The late Nahvi says: I saw the dead child moved thanks to the favor of Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem (a.s.)! That is right, the youth was revived and came back to home along with his father.

Hojjatoleslam Valmoslemin Haj Sheikh Abdollah Moballeqi Abadani narrated:

In 1976, one of the Hazd preachers, called Sheikh Zakeri comes to Bandar Abbas, and goes to Sihou village around the city for propagation and preaching. He dies on 9 Moharram as a result of a heart attack. His body is transferred to Bandar Abbas, and buried in one Imamzadeh.
Hojjatoleslam Valmoslemin Moballeqi continued:
During Talqin (suggestion), I was shaking the right hand of the late Zakeri. Once I saw that he opened his eye and said loudly as all heard: Assalamu Alayk Ya Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.)! and then he closed his eyes.
At the same time, I and the other attendants smelt a favorable scent, and all saluted Prophet and his infallible Household (a.s.). I witnessed this event during suggestion to the dead body.

On the 30 of Ramadan 1418 (A.H.) in Javadol Aemeh (a.s.) mosque in the Sadat area (Babol), Dr. Haj Sayed Ali Tabaripour said:

One goes to a stream for making Wudhzu. He tooks a palm of water and brought near his hips to drink it, but remembered the water-carrier of Karbala, Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.) and did not drink it. He poured the water in the ground and wept for his martyrdom. On the same night, his sick wife dreams Hazrat Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.) healing her: He put his foot on the back of the lady, and the lady asked: Don't you have any hand? He said: No, I don't. She asked: Who are you? He answered: To whom your husband has resorted? Now, do you know to whom your husband has resorted?

Seqatoleslam, Haj Sheikh Alireza Golmohammad Abhari Zanjani, narrated on the 27 night of Jamadiolthani, 1416 (A.H.) in the sanctified shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (a.s.): One of people of Karbala sees an Arab standing beside the holy shrine of Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.), and talking to him.

Dear Sir, I want you to give me one hundred Dinar. If you give me, it is OK. Otherwise, I will go to the shrine of your brother, Hazrat Sayedoshohada Imam Hossein (a.s.) and complain you.

Then, he turns his head towards the holy shrine and says: I understood, I understood!, and leaves the shrine. The said Arab goes to Bazaar, and says to one of the shopkeepers: The Master Abalfazl has asked you to give me one hundred Dinar. He says: what is your proof? He answers: the proof is that your son had been sick, and you have vowed to pay one hundred Dinar for Hazrat Abalfazl (a.s.); give it to me! He too gives the one hundred Dinar to him. The narrator says: I asked the Arab: How did you talk with Hazrat? He replied: I told him that if you do not give me the money, I will go and complain you to your brother Imam Hossein (a.s.). Then, I saw that he appeared inside the burial chamber sitting on a chair, and gave me an order. I too went to Bazaar and received it

That is right. There are some other physicians apart from us!

Hojjatoleslam, Haj Sheikh Mohammad Moein Gharbaei, son of Ayatollah Sheikh Emadeddin and the grandson of the late Ayatollah Moein Gharbaei Khorasani says:

About forty years ago, I had not married yet. One Thurseday night, we went on foot from Najaf Ashraf towards Karbala, and recited Komeil Dua in the holy shrine of Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.). In the middle of Dua, I fell asleep, and then, I was awakened by a loud cry and scream! I saw that an Arab insane girl is tied to the holy shrine of Hazrat Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.), and she insults the people. Her parents and relatives had surrounded her and resorted to Hazrat Qamar Bani Hashem Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.) for healing her.

One Iranian who introduced himself as a psychologist, told me: Tell them to bring the girl to Fandoqel Harameyin, where I am to visit her. I told the girl's father what the Iranian physician said. He told me in Arabic: Curse unto the father of one who does not believe in Abalfazl (a.s.)! I was ashamed and went to sit and recite the remaining part of Komeil Dua, and again fell asleep during recitation. Again I was awakened by noises, but this time, I saw that the insane girl has been healed by Hazrat Abalfazl (a.s.). The people were tearing her cloths, and she used the cloak of her father for covering herself.

Then, I say the Iranian physician crying and saying: That is right. There are some other physicians apart from us!

Dad, send me on the ground!

Hojjatoleslam Valmoslemin, Mr. Sayed Ahmad Qazavi, on 26 Safar of 1417 (A.H.) narrates that the Late Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Mohammad Ebrahim Najafi Boroujerdi says:

When I was in Iraq, sitting in the holy shrine of Hazrat Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.) with a number of my friends, once we saw that on Arab entered the holy shrine. He was carrying a 6-7 years on his hands, seeming that he had passed away. The kid's father referred to the holy shrine and said: O Abbas Ebne Ali (a.s.), if you do not ask God for healing my son, I will complain to your father, Ali (a.s.), about you.

We were thinking to tell him, if you have any request, you shall talk to Hazrat politely, and it is not proper to talk to this great man so angrily. We were still thinking that we saw the kid opened his eyes, and told his father: Dad, send me on the ground!

All of us were affected by witnessing the event, and saw that the child was healed.

One of the pigeons of Abalfazl's (a.s.) shrine

On sixth of Zelhajjeh 1417 (A.H.) corresponding to 14.4.1999, I visited Hojjatoleslam Valmoslemin Haj Sayede Rassoul Majidi, the supporter and propagator of doctrine of Prophet's Household (a.s.) in the school of the Grand Ayatollah Mr. Sayed Mohammad Reza Moussavi Golpayegani (r.a.). He said:
Haj Aqa Reza Kermani, the owner of Gaz Ali store in Isfahan, narrated for me: when I was 10-12 years old, I saw a kid catching one of the pigeons of the sacred shrine of Hazrat Abalfazl Abbas (a.s.). The pigeon's tail was separated and the pigeon escaped. The kid too left the tail remaining at his hand. The tail flew in the air and attached to the main tail. This is one of the bounties of Aqa Qamar Bani Heshem a.s.

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