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Signs of the Pious

Using the Quranic verses and religious traditions, religious authorities consider the following to be signs of the pious:

a)Learning enough of the religious sciences necessary for his actions, morality, business deals and relations with family members and the society

b)Protecting his body's health by using hygienic measures and observing good etiquette while eating and drinking

c)Resorting to one's intellect in daily affairs and being honest in all aspects of life

d)Having modesty, not lying as well as maintaining good temper and not being wicked

e)Not being a hypocrite and hating extra material goods

f)Not being deceitful, making excuses or committing treason

g)Honoring the virtuous and the wise

h)Carrying out one's religious duties, including the obligatory and supererogatory acts.

i)Following divine scholars since they teach man what is forbidden and what is allowed in God's relogion, and only except man's progress

Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) stated the following concerning the fact that one must follow the divine scholars:
A sign of a liar is that he informs you of issues in the Heavens and the Earth, but when asked about the religiously lawful and forbidden, he has no answer to give. [Usul al-Kafi, v.2. p.340; Muhjat ul-Biyza, v.5, p.140]
Some other signs of the pious ones are:

1)Patience in the face of terrible events

2)Observing the Islamic customs and principles of morality in all affairs

3)Diligence in making supplications

4)Perseverance in intellectual affairs

The pious should have sincere intentions and be pure in soul. They should progress to the stage of knowledge of certainty, then to the stage of reality of certainty, and then to the truth of certainty.

Adopted from the book: "The Islamic Family Structure" by: "Husayn Ansarian"

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