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Signs of Pride in Man

Adopted from the book : "Pride" by : "Mujahidali A.R. Sheriff"

The following are the signs evident in a proud person :

1. Whilst discussing a matter with associates, it will be difficult for him to accept the facts presented by them. If he acknowledges the other person’s view, it would be in a manner likely to create a feeling of an importance on his part and will never smile or express happiness for the same.

2. He will always avoid being the first to greet, especially those whom he considers below himself.

3. He will not pay attention to needs of the poor who are badly afflicted with poverty and will avoid sitting near them.

4. It will be a sign of disgrace for him to carry with his own hands the basic requirements for himself and his family such as rations of food. (This does not apply in circumstances which forces one to avoid such an action).

5. He will avoid wearing cheap and simple clothes and will always want to wear expensive clothes so as to distinguish himself from the poor. (The too does not apply to those who are compelled due to certain circumstances which threaten their legal status in a society).

6. He will always choose to sit in a gathering with people of high position and social status.

7. He will avoid dining with the poor, servants and those whom he considers below himself.

8. His conversation and other actions will portray his love for domination over others.

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