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Considering Oneself Pious is Kibr

Adopted from the book : "Pride" by : "Mujahidali A.R. Sheriff"

People who consider themselves to be pious on account of their excessive worship or knowledge are also proud. Allah (s.w.t.) has explicitly condemned in the Holy Qur’an those who consider themselves noble and pure. "Have you not considered those who attribute purity to themselves? Nay, Allah purifies whom He pleases; and they shall not be wronged the husk of a data stone." (An Nisa/49)

"Therefore, do not attribute purity to your soul; He knows him best who guards (against evils)." (An Najm/32)

One may consider himself superior in knowledge and claims : "I have a lot of knowledge or I have studied under guidance of so and so scholar, or I have spent so many years in seeking knowledge ..."

Or considers himself better in worship and claims : "I stay awake for whole nights or fast for so many days, or have been to Hajj and Ziyaraat for so many times."

Such people, without realizing it, are entrenched in walls of pride. It was for this reason that Shaykh Abbas al Qummi, one of the great shiite scholars in Iran, when informed of thousands of people awaiting him to lead the prayers in Mashad al-Muaqaddas, avoided going for the purpose and declared to his associates that it was because of pride that over came him. "How can I lead the prayers when they thought of many people saying their prayers behind me had already occurred ?" This was his humble reply.

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