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Shi'a Imams' (p.b.u.t) Mothers;

Shi'a Imams' (p.b.u.t) Mothers;
Their Social and Political Role

Nahid Tayyebi

Our Imams' (p.b.u.t) mothers have perfectly performed their role as mothers, who brought up such children.

Although they have not been mentioned a lot in the history, they certainly had effective social and political roles.

Those Arab or Hashemi, as Alhassan and Ommah Farveh, Imam Sadiq's (p.b.u.h) mother, have been mentioned more in the history, for their well known families and being related to important tribes made them significant for centuries. Others, mostly non-Arab and slave girls, had also special roles and political participation. Thus, mothers of our twelve Imams (a.s) are the best practical models of proper and perfect political participation for Shiite women.

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