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Women and Political Maturity

Women and Political Maturity
Simindokht Behzadpour

As man is now advancing intellectually, a new king of competition has begun replacing direct confrontations among societies with indirect (cultural) ones in which cultural confrontations with enemies count. Social thinkers consider women as highly efficient while reorganizing a people's defensive power. That is why in order to gain support the world hegemony exploits women's issues while shaping its colonial policies.
However women, on Muslim countries are engaged in hidden management (in family) and educating their fellow begins (in community). That is why they observe a divine veil (hijab), which shows not only their freedom but also their potential ability to partake in cultural authority and social growth. What is important is to actualize this potential for the world is, by conceiving it correctly ready to regard it as a power under whose banner intellectual authority and independence would be protected and human activities rationally organized.

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