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Shade Loving Plants

Have you ever thought of growing fine-looking flowering plants in your passageway, closed balcony or the shady plot of land behind your house, but did not know which plants to grow? If that is the case, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many shade loving plants that thrive best in gloomy areas. These shade loving plants have an amazing property of tolerating lack of water and sunlight. However, in the event of growing these shade loving plants, always remember that adding compost to the soil will increase the water retention property of the soil and help the plants grow excellently as well.  Here is a list of common shade loving plants that you can grow at home, especially in those areas that don’t receive an adequate amount of sunlight. Read through the sections that follow to know more about them.

List Of Shade Loving Plants

Lady’s Mantle
The ‘Lady’s Mantle’ is a semi hardy perennial plant with scalloped shaped leaves. This herb is widely used as a food flavoring agent. The flower resembles the mantle of the Virgin Mary from which it derived its name. This plant thrives best in areas that receive morning light, but remains shady throughout the rest of the day.

Coral Bells
‘Corals Bells’ are also known as ‘Rock Geraniums’. The leaves of this plant can be of multiple colors like rose-purple, copper, mahogany red, brick red, etc.

The ‘Camellia’ is another well known shade loving plant. The plant can adapt well in moist and well drained acidic soil. The size of the foliage varies between 3 to 15 cm. This plant thrives best in a partial shady place.

Lenten Rose
The ‘Lenten Rose’ is a perennial shrub with deep green leathery leaves and flowers that are purplish-green in color. The plant can grow up to two-feet tall and can have 50 or more flowers at a time.

The ‘Hydrangea’ is one of the most beautiful flowering shade loving plants. The flowers of this plant come in a broad range of colors including blue, pink, white, and purple. The Hydrangea is widely grown as backyard ornamental plant. Common varieties of Hydrangea include ‘Annabelle’, ‘Oakleaf Hydrangea’, ‘Mophead Hydrangeas’, etc.

The ‘Foxglove’ is a biennial plant. The plant is widely grown for its flowers as well for medicinal purposes. The plant blooms during the month of July and it grows 3-6 feet in height. The flower blooms only once and won’t bloom until the second season. Foxgloves are popular garden plants and have been grown for centuries.

The ‘Begonia’ is a tender and evergreen plant. This plant is ideally grown in hanging baskets. Begonias can withstand humid conditions and prefer partial shade for maximum foliage.

Violo Riviniana
This plant is commonly known as the ‘Sweet Violet’. It is a hardy plant and grows about 4 to 5 inches in height. The plant is characterized by its distinct purplish bronze leaves and small mauve violet flowers. The plant blooms during spring.

Japanese Kerria
This is one of the most popular shade loving flowering plant. The plant is also commonly known as the ‘Japanese Rose’ and it  blooms in the spring and lasts till summer.

Bamboo Plants
If you are looking for plants to border your backyard with, then bamboo plants can be ideal for your garden if your backyard has enough space and doesn’t receive proper sunlight. Bamboo plants grow very well in partially shaded land and thrive best when they receive about just 5 hours sunlight every day.

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