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Sending the Imam Hadi (a.s.) to Surra Man Ra’a

Adapted from: "The Life of Imam ‘Ali al-Hadi, Study and Analysis" by: "Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi"

Imam al-Hadi (a.s.) was forced to leave Yathrib to Samarra’. His family accompanied him in the travel. Yahya, who admired the guidance and piety of Imam al-Hadi (a.s.), himself served the Imam during the travel. The caravan covered the desert until it arrived in Baghdad.

Al-Ya’qubi said that when Imam al-Hadi (a.s.) arrived in al-Yasiriyya, Isaaq bin Ibrahim received him and saw how people were eager to meet and sit with the Imam. So he was taken to Baghdad in the night.4

Yahya went to visit the governor of Baghdad Isaaq bin Ibrahim adh-Dhahiri and informed him of the matter. Isaaq said to him, ‘This man (Imam al-Hadi) is the son of the messenger of Allah (SwT) and you know that al-Mutawakkil is deviant. If you inform al-Mutawakkil of a word against the Imam, he will kill him, and then the Prophet (S) will be your opponent on the Day of Resurrection.’

Yahya said, ‘By Allah, I did not know from him (Imam al-Hadi) what I deny, and did not see from him except good.’

They left Baghdad towards Samarra’. When they arrived in Samarra’, Yahya visited Waseef at-Turki who was from the prominent statesmen. He informed him of the arrival of the Imam. Waseef warned him from saying to al-Mutawakkil anything that might harm the Imam. He said to him, ‘O Yahya, by Allah, if one hair falls from him (Imam al-Hadi), no one will be responsible for it except you.’

Yahya was astonished at the agreement of Isaaq and Waseef on recommending him of keeping the Imam safe.5


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