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Second Incident behind Non-Adherence to Prophetic Sunnah

The second incident was their (followers of 'Umar) refusal to join Usamah's army, that was mobilized by the Prophet (S) himself, ordering them to move under Usamah's command, two days before his (S) demise. Their disagreement was so intense that they even ordered to vilifying and criticizing the Prophet (S) since he gave leadership to a young fellow of 17 years, having no experience.

Abu Bakr, 'Umar and some companions remained behind the army with the pretext of managing the caliphate affairs, despite the Prophet's damation against whoever refuses to join Usamah.7

In respect of 'Ali (A) and his followers, the Prophet (S) settled the dispute by not appointing them to the army, for making the atmosphere clear and free from those opposing and contradicting God's commandment, so that when they return from the Battle of Mu'tah the matter should have been established for 'Ali (A) as desired by Allah and His Messenger, as regards the successorship after the Prophet (S) .

But this fact was recognized by the Arab sagacious men from Quraysh, so they refused deparing al-Madinah, and lingered themselves until the Messenger passed away,whereat they confirmed their affair as they preplanned, by dismissing whatever called for by the Prophet (S), i.e. they rejected the Prophetic Sunnah.

Thus it becomes explicit for us and for every researcher that Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Uthman, 'Abd al-Rahaman ibn 'Awf and Abu 'Ubaydah 'Amir ibn al-Jarrah had been rejecting the Prophetic Sunnah, exerting their opinions for acquiring worldly interests and seizing the caliphate at any cost even if it be disobeying Allah and His Messenger(S).

While Ali (A) and the Companions who followed him were adhering the Prophetic Sunnah, carrying it into affect in full. During this tribulation we witnessed 'Ali (A) following the prophet's will, to arrange for his washing, shrouding, performing prayer upon him and burying him. Thus 'Ali (A) has fulfilled all the Prophet's orders, without caring for anything, despite his pre-knowledge that the orders have hurried towards the Saqifah to elect one of them for caliphate post. Though it was feasible for him to do the same act for frustrating their conspiracy, but his respect for the Prophetic Sunnah and its application neccessitated his saying beside his cousin(S), even at the cost of losing the caliphate.

A halt, though short, should be made here to observe the great majourity that 'Ali inherited from al-Mustafa (S). While 'Ali (A) renounces caliphate for the sake of applying the Sunnah, others refuse the Sunnah for the sake of gaining the caliphate.


7. Read the book al-Milal wa al-nihal, by al-Shahristani, under the Prophet' saying: May God' damnation be upon anyone staying behind of Usamah's army, vol.1, p 29.

Adapted from the book: "The Shi'ah; The Real Followers of the Sunnah" by: "Dr. Muhamad al-Tijahi al-Samawi"

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