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Seas at the end of the time

Reading the verses of Qur'an especially the 68th verse of Zumar the Companies - the 39th Surah - , we find out that at the end of the time and at the begining of the resurrection,two sudden phenomena shall be taken place.All the living creatures shall die during the first one,and by the second one that shall be happened after a period of time,all the human being shall be revived and rouse awaiting.Qur'an interpretes these two phenomena as The Blast of the Trumpet that it's a metaphorical interpretation of sudden and contemporary phenomena,because the blast of the Trumpet means to blow in a trumpet . This interpretation also shows its facility and also shows that the great God shall cause to die and revive easily by blowing in a trumpet.

In the other verses these phenomena are interpreted as The Trumpet is Sounded-the 8th verse of Muddassir-and in the other cases interpreted Calamity and finally in the 49th and 53rd of Ya-Seen-the 36th Surah-it's interpreted as A Single Cry meant a loud shout.All these cases indicate loud shouts that the first one shall put an end to the life and the second shall be vivifier. But how are these two shouts ? What is the effect of them ? - Nobody knows except God. But as Qur'an mentions,at the beging of the resurrection all the planets and globes shall go out of their orbits and in the earth all the creatures also shall go out of order and all shall change.Among them , a great change shall be taken place on the seas. Qur'an mentions that the seas are made to flow forth and the seas are set on fire.It seems that in the threshold of resurrection all over the land shall become full of water , because all the mountains shall decompose and fall in the seas.

The other possibility is that the intention of these two is the same explosion by which the oceans shall be changed to fire.Because water consists of two elements : Oxygen and Hydrogen which both are combustible.

In consequence of factors if the seas shall analyse and change into Oxygen and Hydrogen so in consequence of a spark all shall change to fire.


Adapted from the book : "Water"

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