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Sayings of Imam Husain (A.S.) to Illuminate Your Mind

Wisdom never attains perfection except by following the truth (obeying the commandments of God).
One who loves you prevents you from all evils, while your enemy persuades you to commit wrong and evil.
Act in this world like a person who knows that he will definitely be rewarded for good deeds and punished for sin and crimes.

One who annoys God to please people, God leaves him to the people.

Some people worship God coveting his rewards. This is worship of merchants Some people worship God, fearing His punishments. This is worship of slaves. Some people worship God, thanking His blessings. This is worship of the free superior persons.

a) They asked Imam Husain (A.S): What is poverty? He replied1.Avarice 2.Despair

b) They asked: What is richness? He replied: To be happy with what suffices you and to have few desires.
One who accepts your gift has really helped you in attaining generosity.

One who removes troubles from a believer, God expels troubles from him in this world and in the Hereafter.
Do not seek help from any person except one who is religious, or generous or of noble descent (parentage)
One who is generous may attain greatness and he who is a miser becomes miserable and contemptible.
The most generous person is one who helps the despondent, who does not expect any help from others.
Compete for virtuous deeds and hasten to seize opportunities for good deeds by the forelock.
The most forgiving person is one who forgives in spite of his ability to punish. (or avenge)

a) If you hear some one backbiting people, try to be unfamiliar to him.

b) Don’t speak about your brother (in faith) behind his back except what you like to be spoken about you behind your back.

a) Salaam has seventy virtues, sixty nine of which are for the one who is first to greet, whereas only one award for the one who replies. (to your salaam)

b) Do not allow anyone to enter or to speak to you if he does not greet you or wish you salaam (i.e. good health from God)

c) A miser behaves miserly even in greeting 'salam' to others

O God bless me with awe for Your Majestic Dignity, as if I am beholding You, and bless me with excellence through piety , and may Your decree benefit me and Your destiny gladden me, so that, I don’t wish to hasten that which is delayed by You, and don’t wish to delay that which You wish to be hastened by me.

What has he obtained who lost You O God? And what has he lost who found You? One who is satisfied with anyone other than- You, O God, has in reality dispossessed himself of everything?

People are slave of this world and their religion is just like saliva or taste on the tongue. They revolve around religion as long as their materialistic needs are well provided; but when they face difficulties, tests & trials, very few people prove to be steadfast.

A person asked Imam Husain (A.S)the meaning of ‘Samad’ He replied: The Aayaat after Samad (صمد) in the Surah-e-Towheed explain its meaning ,i.e., nothing emerges from God , nor God has emerged from anything and nothing is like unto Him ; (i.e. ,nothing in the universe can match God ,Who is beyond all needs. )
O God when were You Hidden, that You need proof for Your existence? When were You Distant (البعید) that by reflection over your creations one may find access to You? Blind are those eyes which don’t perceive You O God! despite Your attention & care for them (Eyes can never see God , but God is visible for our hearts and mind.)
Note: God is nearer to us than our own self.
O the One, Whom no one knows How He (God) is except He Himself.
O the One, Whom no one knows What He (God) is except He Himself.
O the One, Whom no one understands except He (God) Himself.
Note: God has infinite attributes & infinite knowledge, None of His creations, not even His messengers, Imams and angels can comprehend God but little. Man’s limited knowledge can never understand God, the Ingenious Creator of the entire Universe Who will destroy the entire universe, and create another greater universe after the Doomsday.
God initiated commanding the good and forbidding the evil as a compulsory duty for us, as He knows that if these two duties are well performed and established, then all other divine duties whether difficult or easy, shall be well established as well ; and this commandment and forbiddance shall invite people to Islam , and secure the rights of the wronged people as well as arouse opposition against tyrants & transgressors.
a) I don’t see death except as a blessing and life with tyrants is but a severe torture.
Note: Hazrate Qasim(A.S) son of Imam Hasan(A.S)when asked about death said:" Death is sweeter than honey for me."
b) Don’t you see that right & truth is followed no more, and no one abstains from evil? Under such conditions a faithful believer has the right to hasten towards Allah (so that his soul may rest in peace)
Note: Hazrate Ali Akbar(A.S) son of Imam Husain (A.S) was the first to lay down his life from the members of the family .He told Imam Husain(A.S): "When we are on the right there is no fear from death.
And you people are in great calamity and the enemy has prevailed over you by occupying the position of the learned experts. I wish you could comprehend that , because all affairs & commandments of God should be in the hands of the God- fearing learned experts, who are trusted by God for declaring all that is religiously permitted & prohibited. You are deprived of this position, and that position was seized from you by your enemy because you were differing regarding the truth &because of your differences over the holy prophet's traditions in spite of clear and convincing proof.

If you were patient in troubles and had acted with endurance and sacrifice for assisting the cause of God’s Own Divine Self, you would have had the authority for implementing commandments of God in your own hands, you would have issued orders and all affairs would have been referred to you, but you have entrusted authority to the tyrants in your own domain, and you have submitted the divine affairs of God into the hands of your enemy, who acts with mistrust and suspicion and follows his own carnal desires & temptations .Your fleeing from martyrdom and eternal blissful life in paradise , and your attachment and fondness for this temporal life has made your enemies dominant over your affairs.
O people! the messenger of God has said:"A person who sees a tyrant Ruler has legalized what God has prohibited, and has broken His covenant and contradicts the ways and traditions of God’s Messenger , and commits sin and oppresses God’s true servants and yet that person does not oppose the tyrant Ruler by speech or action, then God punishes this person in the same manner as the tyrant Ruler
I wage the imposed holy war (in defense) not because of my self-conceit and pride, nor to incite corruption or oppression but for betterment of Muslims, the followers of my grandfather Mohammad may peace & blessings of God be upon him & his descendants. I aim at commanding virtues, and prohibiting vices and I love to follow the traditions and conduct of my grandfather Mohammad (S.A) and my father Ali ibne Abi Taleb (A.S).
Note: Imam Hussain (A.S) aimed at bringing about a thought-provoking revolution against the tyrant Rulers. He had solemnly promised to his grandfather Mohammad (S, A) that he would lay down his life and sacrifice every thing to save true Islam. He awakened the people of his time and displayed the way how to make Godly Right victorious over Evil Might and exhibited how to combat to avoid contempt of allegiance to evil satanic Usurpers. Imam Husain (A.S) brought about a political & cultural revolution to last up to the time of emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.F) and Jesus Christ (A.S) for establishing universal kingdom of God on earth based on teachings of God through all His divine messengers (A.S) especially the last of His messenger Mohammad (S.A) through whom God pointed out deviations in the previous heavenly religions.
Justice of Imam Ali (A.S) may be judged from his statement:" If the entire world is given to me to pluck away a particle of oat from the mouth of an ant, I shall not commit this injustice". However, there were intrigues and plots against the first Imam Ali (A.S) as well as other divinely appointed Imams to deprive them from establishing the true Islam of God, similar to the previous heavenly religions which were deviated and split into sects by satanic forces. A true Jew and a true Christian is one, who truly follows the original Old and New Testaments specially the prophecy therein regarding the last messenger of God. Whereupon Jews, who had settled in Mecca & Madina awaiting to welcome the last messenger, embraced Islam when they identified Mohammad (S.A) as the promised messenger (excepting those Jews who wanted to hold their posts as Jewish religious guides).
So Imam Husain (A.S) wanted muslims to follow the true Islam of God like his father Ali (A.S) and grandfather Mohammad (S.A) who were the models for all true Muslims (with no deviations). Imam Husain (A.S) was himself a divine model for those who would free themselves from the bondage of the' Khannas' which includes both the jinn & the mankind.
When Umme Salamah (ummol momineen) narrated to Imam Husain (A.S) that the holy Messenger (S.A) has said: "My beloved grandson Husain will be martyred at Karbala in Iraq," Imam Husain(A.S) told her "O mother! By God! I know this matter, I am aware of all things, I know even the spot of my martyrdom. I willingly act in accordance with my God’s commandment" (with my own freewill.)
Note:a) Except God no one is All Knowing but God informs about future events when asked by his divine guides. God can even change the entire future whenever He likes. The Imams (A.S) know that whatever God has decided is best for them.
How laughable it is to blame God for predestination of all sins & crimes which a person does by his own decision! Certainly God knows whatever a person will do by his own choice but God is not responsible for any sins & crimes committed by criminals by their own free will. God never compels a person to commit sins & crimes although He has knowledge of every thing in advance .Hence a person is justly rewarded ten times for his Good deeds & punished for all his sins. Eternal Heaven is the reward for Imam Hussain (A.S) and all His divine guides and for their loving followers and, Eternal Hell is just & reasonable punishment for Yazid (L.A) &all satanic tyrants as well as their followers.
Here a question arises "When God knows the result of all test & trials of His messengers & Imams (A.S) why does he test or examine all mankind?" Well the purpose of test and trial by God, in spite of His knowledge of the result in advance, is to make people use their head and heart to follow the right path of God's messengers & Imams(A.S) and not to be blindly misguided by their satanic enemies into the fire of hell.
Note:b) Imam Hussain(A.S.) perpetuated True Islam by his martyrdom.
Note: c) All Imams (A.S) act according to God’s Will as an obligatory duty with their own free will, & entrust the result to God. They follow Godly politics based on truth without hypocrisy. They look down at acquiring political power through deception & crafty worldly politics. The crafty despotic rulers and usurpers & their supporters shall be fuel for Hell in the Hereafter. Imams do not build the edifice of divine religion on sand. God's pristine religion is based on truth & righteousness and not on deceit and fraud. Good means justify a Good end i.e. universal kingdom of justice of God.
I have heard from my grandfather the messenger of God Mohammad(S.A)that "khilafat" (the rule over Muslim nation )is illegitimate (haraam) for descendants of Abu Sufyan (ie Moaviyah &Yazid), then how can the holy messenger’s Ahlebayt(household) bow down in allegiance to them?
Note: a)God says in the holy Quran "and We did not make the dream which we showed you(Mohammad S.A)except as a test for the people and the cursed tree(شجره الملعونه)in the Quran .We frighten them (with punishment in the hereafter)but it does not increase except in their rebellion .(S17:A60).In the dream the holy messenger was shown that some persons like apes were climbing up &down his pulpit and turning the people back to their satanic beliefs .The cursed tree in Quran is Banu Ummayyah.(Moaviah,Yazid &his posterity) Ahle Bayte Mohammad (S.A) are Shajarahe Tayyebah
b) After the death of Yazid, his son refused to become Khalifa as he considered all self made Khalifas as usurpers of Khilafat of Imams (A.S), who were appointed by God to establish Universal kingdom of divine Justice.
c) If a robber steals your property (which is a crime) he does not become master of that property, for You are the real owner of that property; and the robber is like an usurper who will definitely be punished here or in the Hereafter by God; God will seize government from usurpers for the sake of Imam Mahdi (A.S) when the respite for Satan (Iblis) is over.
Yazid (L.A) wrote to his uncle Utbah bin AbuSufyan, the governor of Madinah that when you receive this letter hasten your reply and send me the head of Husain ibne Ali. When Imam Husain (A.S) learnt this, he replied to Utbah "Indeed we belong to Allah and surely we shall return to Him (for blessings &rewards on the Day of Recompense). (S2:A156). When persons like Yazid dominate the Muslim nation, "Fatiha" should be recited for the Pristine Islam of Mohammad (S.A)".
("Fatiha" is recited by Muslims on the dead body of a believer i.e. (momin).
A nation, which buys goodwill of the created (people) at the cost of annoying the Creator, can never be happy and fortunate.
Note: when the rulers of different countries purify their souls & get prepared to obey Imam Mahdi (A.S) and Jesus (A.S) the golden age of divine justice for all the people of the world shall be realized.
ان الله لا یغیر ما بقوم حتی یغیر و ا ما بانفسهم
(سوره رعد آیه 13 )
"Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change the condition of their soul i.e. purify their Inner Self."(Ra'ad:13)
O People! You also take lesson from what God has advised His learned Sages. Allah has condemned the people of the Book when He said:"Why do not the Rabbis and expert scholars prohibit them from speaking of what is sinful ?" (S5:A63) and God has said," The disbelievers among the progeny of Israel were cursed by the tongue of David &Jesus son of Mary; this was because they disobeyed (God)and used to transgress the limit(5:78)
A person came to Imam Husain (A.S) and told him ,"I am a sinner and I can not withhold myself from committing sins (disobedience to God ) so please bless me with your admonition ." Imam Husain (A.S)advised him:"Do five things and commit whatever sin you like;1) Don’t eat any food created by God & commit whatever sin you like .2) Get out of God's realm(universe) and commit whatever sin you like 3)Find a place where God cannot see you and commit whatever sin you like 4)When the Angel of Death (Ezraiel) comes to withdraw soul from your body make him flee from you and commit whatever sin you like .5)When Maalik(the angel) likes to cast you into the fire of hell, don't enter into hell and commit whatever sin you like."
To argue with one who is unable to think reasonably is an indication of ones ignorance.(Never argue with imbeciles)
A) I am slain by tears .No momin remembers me without shedding tears.
B) Weeping with fear of God is deliverance from the fire of hell.
Note: a) Weeping is Emotional Expression of love and grief .It is natural even though a person may pacify himself with the sorrowful incident as a test in life.
Note: b) One who weeps at Imam Husain's tragedy gets closely linked to him spiritually and his love leads him to give up sins with sincere repentance and a firm decision not to repeat sins after seeking forgiveness thus he becomes purified. It is a major sin to give up hope in God's Mercy, an ocean of Forgiveness.
Note: c) For prevention of incessant crimes and sins it is necessary that Hope in God's forgiveness should balance or counterpoise Fear of God's punishment.
Note: d) Imam Mahdi (A.F) weeps morning & night at the tragedy of Imam Husain (A.S) God shall punish his enemies after the respite for Satan is over by Emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.F.)
(قل جاء آلحق و ذهق الباطل)
Imam Husain (A.S) once cried for help in the imposed battle at Karbala. He said:" Is there any person who would help me?"

هل من ناصر ينصرني

Note: If a few opponents had left Yazid's army to help Imam Husain(A.S.)it would have made no difference. Hurr the commander of Yazid's army did not choose to barter eternal heavenly life in paradise with this temporal worldly life, so he sacrificed his life for Imam Husain (A.S) by fighting against the army of Yazid.
Imam Husain (A.S) cried for help to give chance to his opponents to enter paradise but they were too materialistic to think like the wise, just & unbiased Hurr. God is proud of Husain(A.S) , who sacrificed his life & everything to perpetuate the True Islam of God as revealed to His last & best messenger. The call of Imam Husain(A.S.) for help is for all times up to Doomsday. Whoever obeys God and joins Imam Husain(A.S.) by regarding him as a model and disobeys Satan is Imam’s helper.
Allamah Iqbal considers Imam Husain (A.S) as the real meaning of Zebhe Azim because eventually a lamb was sent by God and sacrificed by the messengerAbraham (A.S) whereas Husain(A.S.) was a Great Sacrifice Indeed.
الله الله باي بسم الله پدر معني ذبح عظيم آمد پسر (شعر از علامه اقبال)
Beware of oppressing a person, who finds no one to revenge against you except God the Mighty & the Majestic.
Imam Husain (A.S) has said: '' You have a good example in me '' i.e. Imam Husain is a good model for mankind to follow.
Note: 1: a) The holy messenger (S.A) has said:" Indeed Husain is the lamp for guidance (in the darkness of satanic misguidance) & the Ark for salvation from Hell.
ان الحسین مصباح الهدی وسفینه النجات

b) The example of my Ahle-bayt is like Nooh's Ark, one who gets on it is saved &the one who deserts it is damned & drowned though with majority.
Note2: Those who were drowned were in Majority whereas the Minority were saved because they followed Nooh (A.S).Hence majority is not a Criterion of right & truth. Those who supported Nooh & Imam Husain (A.S) shall be eternally in paradise although in Minority & those who supported Yazid in the battle of Karbala and all those who think that Yazid was right and argue in favour of Yazid although in Majority will be shoved into Hell.like the deserters of Nooh (A.S) who were in Majority.
The real criterion of victory in the Sight of God is obedience to Him to deserve eternal paradise.
a)O! the slave of Ummah!(not the slave of God )May you be damned & destroyed. O the deserters of the Book of God! O the misinterpreters of the Word of God!(The Holy Quran) O the( satanic) group that originates sin & crime !O the destroyers of the Conduct & Manners & Traditions of the best & last Messenger of God!................: We the true followers of God's chosen messenger never bear contempt (of allegiance)هیهات منا الذله
b) By God! I shall not reply in affirmative to their demand (for allegiance) until I meet Allah the Almighty steeped & dyed in my blood.
Note: Imam Husain's statement*هیهات منا الذلهis a slogan of all good people who hail Liberty and Freedom and don't tolerate tyranny from satanic rulers.
a) O God! You Yourself initiate all blessings prior to worshippers' invocation & You are the Magnanimous Bestower before the supplicants implore You. And You are the Munificent, Who borrows from us what You have Yourself given us bountifully. O my God! Call me with Your Mercy till I reach You & absorb me in Your Grace till I occupy my place with You.
Note: "O The satisfied peaceful Soul return to your Lord pleased with His Goodwill. So enter among My (beloved) servants and enter My paradise. (Surahe Fajr: 27, 28, 29)
یا ایتهاالنفس المطمئنه ارجعی الی ربک راضیه مرضیه فادخلی فی عبادی وادخلی جنتی

The above Aayaat are in reference to Imam Husain (A.S)

b) Imam Husain(A.S) told Hazrate Zainab (S.A):"My dear Sister, do not let Satan defeat your Patience. All inhabitants of the earth and heavens taste death, but God the Almighty, Who created all creations with His Creative Power, is ever alive. He shall one day resurrect &revive all the dead people (for the Day of Recompense) just as He created them in the beginning out of nothing ... .

A few explanations about Imam Husain (A.S)

1. The holy messenger of God had mentioned the names of all the twelve Imams as informed by Gabriel from God .He had also informed that Imam Hasan & Imam Husain (A.S) are two chiefs of all the Youth in Paradise." Therefore, their enemies and those who love and follow their enemies will not be with him in Heaven. True Victory is the Victory in the sight of God. The Imams act according to the intention of God, and do nothing to displease Him. Hazrate Yahya(A.S)and Zacharia (A.S)were killed by their enemies ,hence like Imam Husain (A.S)they shall be in Paradise. So Imam Husain (A.S) was victorious in the battle of Karbala. God says" Don't consider those who are martyred in the way of God as dead but they are really alive and are provided sustenance from their Lord (S3:A169). The name of Imam Husain (A.S) can never be erased from the heart of his lovers. Eventually God will definitely avenge his martyrdom through Imam Mahdi (A.F) the promised saviour.

2. Imam Husain (A.S) was invited by a majority of citizens of Kufa, so he left for Kufa with his family, children, kith& kin & his faithful lovers & followers, as a duty to teach the True Islam as revealed by God to His best and last messenger Mohammad (S.A); True Islam was deviated by those who preferred the charms of this world, power and pelf, to God's promised Paradise in the Hereafter. They preferred today's egg to a full grown leghorn hen in future which lays 300 eggs per year.

Zainab (S.A) through her fiery speech and logical words played a key role in keeping the tragedy of Karbala & the True Islam alive to this day. She quoted the Aayat from the holy Quran "Let not those who disbelieve think that Our granting them respite is better for their souls; We grant them respite (مهلت) that they may add to their sins and they shall have a disgraceful punishment.(S3:A178).Those who give preference to charms of this enticing world for a short span of lifetime are blind to blessings and perfect bliss & happiness of a never ending lifetime. God never breaches His promise.

3. Hazrate Zainab (S.A)has said:" I have seen nothing but beauty in Imam Husain's performance"(of all duties).Imam Husain (A.S) was unparalleled and excellent in his test &trial by God; whereas performance of Yazid & his supporters was tyrannical towards Ahlebayt of the holy Messenger (S.A) and God has declared in the holy Quran :'Indeed those who vex God and His Messenger are denounced by God in the world here & in the Hereafter and God has disgraceful punishment ready for them. Those who are responsible for vexation to faithful men &women undeservedly, they are certainly guilty of false accusation and manifest sin."(S33.A57-58).
After the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S) along with his beloved son AliAkbar(A.S)&his 6 months old baby AliAsghar(A.S),Yazid declared, "I have taken revenge against Bani Hashem since my Grandfather AbuSufyan was defeated in the battle of Badr by Mohammad(S.A) &Ali (A.S)."This statement exposes the faith of Yazid(L.A).

4. Imam Ali (A.S) was blamed by Moaviah (L.A) as responsible for the murder of Osman the third Khalifa, who had strong links with the Bani Omayyah. When there was rebellion against Osman, Talha &Zobair joined the rebellion and Osman was murdered, whereas Imam Ali (A.S) sent Imam Hasan &Imam Husain (A.S) to defend Osman . After the murder of Osman, the majority of people elected the first Imam Ali (A.S) as the fourth khalifa(perhaps influenced by hadith-e- Ghadir). Moaviyah was a crafty & cunning worldly politician. He falsely blamed Ali (A.S) for this murder, so as to become the fifth Khalifah .He appointed his son Yazid (L.A) as the sixth Khalifa and was therefore responsible for martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S) as well as Imam Hasan & Imam Ali(A.S) in the past .Enemies of Imams are condemned by God.(S33:A57)

5. Allamah Iqbal has written:

چون خلافت رشته از قران گسیخت حریت را زهر اندر کام ریخت

'When khilafat separated from the guidance of the holy Quran, lethal poison was poured into the mouth of Freedom, in other words , people were duped & deprived of Liberty i.e. enslaved to serve the interests of worldly politicians ; people sold their eternal blissful life in the Hereafter for the sake of this temporal life by supporting the khalifas , who misinterpreted the holy Quran and deceived them to fight against the holy Imams. But Muhammad bin Abubakr was not deceived, he did not follow his father Abubakr nor joined the battle of Jamal(جنگ جمل)waged by his sister Aiyesha(ام المومنین)against the Imam of the time Ali (A.S.)The holy messenger(S.A)has said :One who dies without cognizance of the Imam of his time, dies like one in the age of Ignorance (like Idolaters)

من مات و لم یعرف امام زمانه مات میته الجاهلیه(حدیث پیامبر_ص)

The self made khalifas were defeated in the major war (jehade akbar) by their satanic evil spirit (نفس اماره) whereas, the twelve Imams were victorious against Nafse Ammarah in 'Jahade Akbar' and had thereby become Sinless (Ma'soom) by their own freewill and were True Khalifas appointed by God.

The holy messenger had said "There will be twelve Khalifas after me and all of them will be Quraish i.e. the tribe of the holy messenger (S.A)". All the twelve Imams belong to the tribe of Quraish and they were nominated by God through the angel of revelation Gabriel .Other Khalifas were not appointed by God but were either chosen by people or elected by untrustworthy council or were inheritors like monarchs. All these Khalifas are far greater than twelve in numbers.

If people are vicious they will chose a villain as their ruler and reject the divinely appointed Khalifa (the sinless Imam). That's the defect of democracy. King Solomon&Zulqharnain were autocratic (not democratic) and God was pleased with them for their obedience. The ideal government of justice of God is that which will be established by the promised savior obedient to God (not Satan). This Government will be for the people and not by the people but by Imam Mahdi(A.F) assisted by Jesus(A.S). Moreover democracy is not a divine commandment even if approved by all mankind. Evil Might though in majority (disobedient to God) is not at all right. The sinless Imam Hussain (A.S) was the divinely appointed Khalifa and in spite of all atrocities which resulted in his martyrdom and martyrdom of all his supporters, God was Patient (الصبار) but when the promised respite for Satan (Iblis) will be over, Imam Mahdi (A.S) &Jesus (A.S) will emerge by the Will of God & avenge against all the tyranny & oppression of the tyrant Muslim rulers &all their supporters up to this day.

6. Imam Husain (A.S) as well as other Imams (A.S)were like thorns in the eyes of their enemies (the usurpers) as can be seen from the following incident. Motavakkal an Abbaside Khalifa, coerced Ibne Sikkit, who was a very learned person to accept to be a master for his two sons. One day Motavakkal asked Ibne Sikkit."Don’t you think my two sons Moataz & Moayyad are better than Hasan & Husain?" Ibne Sikkit replied to him,

" By God! Qanbar, the servant of Ali Ibne Abi Taleb, is better than you and your two sons."Motavakkal was infuriated & ordered that the entire tongue of that expert should be cut off. Ibne Sikkit was martyred in this way.

7. Imam Husain's revolution is everlasting as he rose against all satanic qualities which deviate men from the straight path of God.e.g.1) Pride & Ambition for worldly power & position by hypocrites 2) Avarice & love for worldly possessions without caring for the Hereafter 3) Prejudice against those who obey God by following His Messengers & Imams (not Satan) 4)Wrath and anger against mankind instead of guiding them.

All Imams are alike; any of them would act exactly like Imam Husain (A.S) under similar circumstances. Imams (A.S) consider:" Every day as Ashoora and Every Land as Karbobala." When people attain perfect wisdom they will banish all satanic traits mentioned above and shall discover Yazid and Shimr of their times, no matter in which land and make that day like Ashoora by following the foot steps of Imam Husain (A.S).Then people will no longer be worse than animals and all men &women shall attain human dignity and salvation by obedience to God. Those who martyred Imam Husain (A.S)& his companions were Muslims but all their Salaat and good deeds were to please themselves and not God. Majority of Muslims ,Shias &Sunnies, love & respect Imam Husain(A.S) & name their children by the name of Husain therefore they should all be united and follow Imam Husain(A.S).

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