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Sayfi b. Fasil al-Shaybani

He was a leading companion of Hijr. He had an iron heart, a strong belief, and correct words. He was captured and brough before Zyyad who said to him: "O enemy of Allah, what do you think of Abu Turab (ie, Imam Ali)?" "I do not know Abu Turab," replied Sayfi.

"You know him very well, said Zyyad. "I do not know," answered Sayfi. "Do you not know Ali, Abu Talib? asked Zyyad. "Yes, answered Sayfi.

"That is Abu Turab, said Zyyad. "No, that is Abu Al-Hasan and al-Husayn, said Sayfi. So the commander of the police of Zyyad said to Sayfi: "The Emir say to you: He is Abu Turab, and you say: No." Do you want me to tell lies as the Emir does or do you want me to testify falsehood as the Emir does? asked Sayfi. "This is some of your sin, too. Bring me the rod," said Zyyad. The rod was brought to Zyyad, and then he said to Sayfi: "What do you say?" "These are the best words which I have said concerning a servant from the believing servants of Allah, replied Sayfi. "Hit his shoulder with the rod till he stick to the ground, said Zyyad. So Sayfi wa hit till he stuck to the ground.

Then Zyyad said: "leave him. What do you think of Ali?" By Allah, even if you cut me to pieces with the razors and the knifes, I will not say except what you have heard from me," answered Sayfi.

"You should curse him (ie, Imam Ali): otherwise I will cut off your neck, "said Zyyad. "Therefore cut off, and Allah accepts that. If you refuses (anything) but to cut it off, them I am satisfied with Allah, (while) you are unhappy," said Sayfi. Push him in the neck. Tie him up with the shackles, and throw him into prison," shouted Zyyad.

Then Sayfi joined the caravan of death with Hijr, and was among those blessed people who died martyrs at (the Marj of) 'Adhra'.

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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