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Salman the son of Islam - Part 2


Islam has come to free person from control of another person. Allah has given man freedom. Thus our Master Muhammad [s] said to his companions: Help Salman to get his freedom.

The Jewish man accepted to free Salman provided that he should plant him three thousand date-palms.

His brothers collected him the palm shootings. And our Master Muhammad [s] began planting them. They all lived.

In this way, Allah granted Salman freedom. Therefore, he lived happily with our Master Muhammad [s].

Madina Defense

In Ramadan, 5 A.H., the Muslims heard about the polytheists' intention to invade Madina.

The Jews were always planning and urging the Quraish and the Arab tribes to invade Madina and destroy Islam. The Jews spent a lot of money to call up ten thousand fighters.

Our Master Muhammad [s] was always asking the advice of his companions to solve the problems the Muslims faced. The Muslims held a meeting in the Prophet's Mosque to exchange views.

The new invasion was full of danger, for the Muslim troops were about 1,000 fighters, while the invaders were ten thousand fighters. Besides, they had different kinds of weapons.

The Muslims were in a fix. Some of them were afraid. And the hypocrites were always scaring the people and spreading rumours.

While the Muslims were exchanging views to face the coming danger, Salman stood up and said: Allah's Apostle [s], in Persia, we dug a trench when an enemy attacked us.

Salman's opinion surprised the Muslims. The Prophet [s] and the Muslims were all happy.

The Trench

The northern border of Madina was weak. Our Master Muhammad [s] wanted the trench to be about five thousand meters long, nine meters wide, and seven meters deep.

On the following day, the Muslims went out carrying their digging tools.

To end the trench accurately and quickly, our Master Muhammad [s] ordered each ten fighters to dig forty meters.

It was winter. The wind was very cold. The Muslims were fasting. Still they were working with enthusiasm. And they were not paying attention to the Jews' and the hypocrites' rumours.

Our Master Muhammad [s] was working actively, encouraging his companions, and saying some prayers to Abdullah bin Rawaha, a companions of his:

Allah, You've made us guided! And made us give alms and pray! Then grant us patience! And make us steady when we meet (our enemy)!

The Rock

Salman was working with his brothers, the Muhajireen (immigrants) and the Ansar (supporters).

One day, they found a hard, white rock. Salman tried to smash it with his pick-axe. His companions tried to smash it but they were unable, too. Whenever they hit the rock, it gave sparks.

Therefore, the Muslims asked Salman's opinion. Salman went to tell the Prophet [s] about the rock and to allow them to change the direction of the trench.

The Prophet [s] came to the trench and took the pick-axe from Salman. He came into the trench. And he asked the Muslims to get him some water.

The Prophet [s] poured the water on the rock, held the pick-axe, and said: By the Name of Allah.

He hit the rock and split one-third.

The Prophet [s] said: Allah's great! I've been given the keys of Shaam! By Allah, I can see its palaces!

The Prophet [s] hit the rock again, split another one-third, and said: Allah's great! I've been given the keys of Persia! By Allah, I can see the palaces of al-Madain!

Then he made a third hit, smashed the rock, and said: Allah's great! I've been given the keys of Yemen! By Allah, I can see gates of Sanaa!

The Muslims rejoiced at Allah's victory.

But the hypocrites began sneering at the believers: How will you conquer Persia, Rome, and Yemen while you're digging a trench in Yathrib?

But the believers had no doubt about Allah's victory, for Allah grants his sincere slaves a victory.

The Muslims went on digging the trench day and night for a month.

During that time, the Muslims were moving the agricultural crops into Madina to live on them in the siege and to prevent the enemy from making use of them.

The Siege

The Armies of the Allies headed by Abu Sufyan arrived in Madina. Seeing the trench, they wondered and said: The Arabs don't know this trick!

And the polytheists knew that it was Salman's idea. They besieged Madina. Abu-Sufyan was looking in vain for an opening to pass through the trench.

During the siege, the Muslims and the polytheists reciprocated arrows.

One day, the polytheists' horsemen could pass through the trench and arrived at the front of the Muslims.

Our Master Muhammad [s] ordered his fighters to hinder the polytheists. Thus Ali Bin Abu Talib stood up to fight Amru bin Abdi-Wud, a hero of the polytheists'.

When Imam Ali [a] began fighting the enemy of Islam, our Master Muhammad [s] prayed to Allah to grant them all a victory. Then he said: Today, all belief has begun fighting all atheism.

The young man of Islam gained a victory over his enemy, and the Muslims shouted: Allah's great! Allah's great!

When the polytheists escaped towards the trench, the Muslims pursued and killed some of them.

The Victory

The polytheists were unsuccessful to cross the trench. The siege became long. Allah granted his Apostle and the believers a victory.

The strong winds were blowing against the Allies' Armies. They uprooted their tents and dismayed them.

One night, the polytheists were tired of the siege. Therefore, Abu Sufyan decided to withdraw his fighters.

In the morning, our Master Muhammad [s] sent Hudhayfa to the enemy front to get him some information.

Hudhayfa told Allah's Apostle [s] about the defeat of the enemy armies.

The Muslims were filled with happiness. They thanked Allah for granting them a victory over the enemies of the religion and of the humanity.

After a month's siege, the Muslims happily came back home.

In the Prophet's Mosque

The Muslims came together in the Prophet's Mosque. They were thanking Allah, the Glorified. They were looking at Salman, the great companion, with love and respect because he saved Madina and Islam from the invaders with his plan.

For this reason, the Ansar from Madina said: Salman is one of us!

And the Muhajireen shouted: Salman is one of us!

And the Muslims listened to the Prophet [s] to hear his view about Salman: Salman is a member of my family!

Then the Prophet [s] said: Don't say Salman al-Farsi, but say Salman al-Muhammadi!

Since that day, the Muslims had looked gratefully and respectfully at Salman.

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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