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Sahifeh Sajjadieh: Set this treasure before your eyes

هئهئUpon the completion of the Islamic knowledge (Gnosticism) which is a comprehensive and detailed explanation and interpretation, in twelve volumes, on the valuable, ethical-gnostic book called Mesbal Al-Sharia’ah and Meftah Al-Haqiqa, for some time I was contemplating on finding a way to go once again along the path of divine, prospering culture. But I could think of no specific issue. Then due to Allah’s special observation and on the prosperous days of the annual of Glorious Prophet’s birthday and Imam Sadiq’s birthday, during a bright night, I thought about the edition of an explanation and interpretation of Sahifeh Sajjadieh which is the product of heart and spirit, soul and heart, the mental state of the Imam of lovers, the life of Gnostics, The distinguished one among worshippers, The sire of prayers, the expert of Philosophers, the Unique among performers of nocturnal devotion, Imam Zeinol Abedin(s).

The bright-thinking Gnostics refer to Sahifeh, the book of Imam Sajjad (s) as “the Bible of the Infallible”, and the scholars have referred to the sea of knowledge as “Zabur of Mohammad Household” ( zabur is any book but specially the Book of David (s): Behold the verse: وَلَقَدْ كَتَبْنَا فِي الزَّبُورِ مِن بَعْدِ الذِّكْرِ).

Sahifeh Sajjadieh is the precious treasure of the king of the earth and the heavens, the prince of the country of magnanimity, the commander of the world of sincerity and love, the head of the Gnostics, the leader of the lovers, the sacred person Imam Sajjad(s).

This Collection contains treasures of knowledge, and we can find there whatever is necessary for human growth and perfection.

Sahifeh is a school, the teacher of which is the fourth Imam(s). This is the teacher who has taught world-dwellers during long centuries and has made it possible for individuals to reach their perfection in accordance with their talents.

Sahifeh is the roaring ocean of God’s favors, whose pearls and corals are innumerable, and whose precious items are not countable.

Sahifeh is a burning and shining sun, the exposure of which will turn the man’s sapling into a clean tree.
Sahifeh is Divine’s hot sun. This sun, i.e., Imam Zainol Abedin(s), has risen in the east to educate and nourish the tree of human nature and will spread rays of light up to the eternity.

Sahifeh is the scale of pure and impure, right and wrong, light and darkness, life and death, the world Here and the Hereafter, and health and disease.

Sahifeh is God’s spring of favors, the saver of darkness and the salvager of man from wrong-doing.

Sahifeh is the teacher of knowledge, a source of learning, the attractor of benevolence, the producer of kindness, the maker of one’s personality, the initiator of miraculous acts, and the promoter of man to higher positions.

Sahifeh is an ingenious physician, the beloved of sincere hearts, comfort for lovers, Vameq for Azra, The describer of the East and west, the discoverer of truths, the remedy for pains, the destroyer of the hypocrites, and in fact the spring of God’s favors.

Sahifeh is the comfort for the devotees, the stimulus for the hearts of the progressive ones, the strength of the young, the love of the lovers, the knowledge of the Gnostics; the resort for the wretched, the secrets of secret-keepers, the pain of the poor at night-time, the prayers of early-risers and the capital for the spirits of the hopeful ones.

Sahifeh is a treasure filled with jewels, which is unfortunately left unknown up to the present time and has not been used as it deserves. There has not been prepared any complete interpretation and description for this shore-less ocean, up to now.

The majority of twelve-Imam Shiites are unaware of both Nahjol Balaqah and Sahifeh.

These people are beside the shore-less sea, but they are thirsty; they are next to the greatest treasure of knowledge, but they are ignorant; they enjoy the richest mine of knowledge and the biggest source of sciences, but they are empty-handed.

These people provide themselves with every thing here, being unaware of the other world. They are careful of their bodies, but ignorant of their own spirits; they provide for their lusts, but they forget meaning and their positions.

Fifteen centuries have passed since the rise of Sahifeh, but the majority of people are still in dark regarding this unique divine investment.

Attention on the invocations of Sahifeh Sajjadieh reveals that it is rationally and religiously compulsory that this collection should be taught in the Shiite schools and in cultural schools and should be included in the curricula of these institutes.

Sahifeh should be used as an important topic of curriculum so that through it in every branch of science, virtuous experts, generous graduates, kind and sumpathetic schoulars and devoted scientist could be trained.

It is necessary that the religion leaders teach some chapters from Sahifeh at the end of each day’s lectures on jurisprudence and principles so that after graduating from jurisprudence and principles, these students will be pious, knowledgeable, expert, strong, sincere, devoted, Gnostics and lovers.

It is compulsory that the religion lecturers spend part of their time, especially during the months of Moharram, Safar and Ramazan on the knowledge of Sahifeh so that the audience could benefit from it. It is also necessary for every congregation Imam to present to the audience some sentences from this precious book after prayer or between the two prayers so that the audience could benefit from this heavenly sustenance.

The knowledgeable scholars, and the capable researchers have to explain and interpret this book so that in this way the facts in this unknown source become known and man and mankind could benefit from it.
Those who are affluent should encourage the others and themselves to spend their money in the publication of this work. They should be aware that one of the best ways to donate for God is financial assistance in this domain.

Without doubt, if this book is interpreted by knowledgeable scholars and true experts and if it gets published with the best quality and reach the people, it will have the best educational effects on them and through this thousands of people will know the facts and it may happen that from the sparks of this book the most evil-doers might change into the well- wishers.

Was it not for a Divine spark that the son of Yazid Riahi changed into the Divine Horr! Was it not for a spark from the Holy Quran that the most horrible highwayman became the teacher of Gnosticism! Was it not for a breeze from the heart of Musi Ibn Ja’afar who made a pious man out of a lustful drowned in epicurism!
Why should we still stand idly when we have at our disposal so many reasons and so many narrations and Quranic examples?

Now that it is the year 1367 and ten years have passed since the blood-filled Islamic revolution under the leadership of the son of Ali(s) and Zahra(s), the great Jurisprudent of our time, Imam Khomeini(s) took place and this happened after more than three hundred thousand martyrs on the way of the establishment of the government of the Quran, and after having thousands of prisoners of war and unaccounted- for military men and wounded soldiers, among the God- believing, brave people of Iran, and now that conditions are available for any kind of activities in the light of The Holy Quran, Nahjol Balaqah and Sahifeh Sajjadiah, and now that the police special service called savak is not in operation any more and now that the interferences of Russia, Israel and the American- based government do not exist any longer, the idleness of experts, the laziness of the devoted ones, the lack of activity for the scholars, the time- wasting of the clergyman is, by God, a great sin which it seems to be unpardonable.

After the Islamic Revolution, the Filthy communists, the dirty Zionists and the hypocrite Christians cooperated together to demolish the Holy Quran, to annihilate Islam and to destroy the devoted clergymen and to cut by root the noble Islam of Muhammad(s). In this work they have spared no effort and every minute we witness a dirty crime in the areas of politics and economics.

Beside the political and economic crises which they brought about is a huge crime in the area of thought and culture.

These three hazardous enemies have collaborated to root out Islam. They have even given an impetus to this destruction by the use of universal mass media, seminars, conferences held in the east and west against Islam, especially against shiism;

It is for this reason that the officials of the Islamic government should spend most of its financial resources in the teaching of the Divine knowledge through school books and knowledgeable teachers. If they do not do this, they will have to suffer a severe trial on the Resurrection Day.

And if the mass Media of the Islamic country including television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, do not try to supply the Iranian people as well as other Moslem nations with the Islamic knowledge, they will be accountable.

And if the Friday prayers in all cities of the Islamic country are held without content and teach the mass of people nothing of the Islamic knowledge, the Friday prayer Imam is accountable to God and to the Infallible and to the Prophet(s).

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