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Room-by-Room House-Cleaning Guide - Bathroom

01. Store a floor duster with disposable cloths in a closet near the bathroom. It will be easy to grab the duster and go over the floor during the week.

02. If you use disposable makeup cloths to wash your face, rinse and reuse them to quick-clean the sink, counter or floor.

03. After your family finishes brushing their teeth or shaving, use a dry terrycloth hand towel on the mirror and bathroom faucets to wipe away spots of lather so they won't build up.

04. Before getting out of the shower, clean the stall or tub and tiles with a squeegee.

05. After you flush the toilet, sprinkle 1/4 cup of baking soda into the wet bowl. Take your shower and then give the bowl a single scrub. Flush to rinse.

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