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Reliance on Allah

When Nimrud wanted to burn Hazrat Ibrahim a.s in the fire.The angels of heaven cried and Jibril a.s pleaded: O God only one person had been worshiping you and now the enemy is dominated him.

The God addressed: When ever I want I will support him.

The angels pleaded: O God! the Provident then grant us permission to help him soon. God addressed and said: You may proceed,if he gave permission, you may help him.

An angel who was appointed the authority of water came and the angels who were delegates of earth and fire arrived and said: O Ibrahim! Give us permission to save you and kill your enemies but Ibrahim a.s did allowed them.

Jibril a.s visited him and said: O Ibrahim! Do you have any wish.

Hazrat Ibrahim a.s replied: I have wish but I do not want to ask you.

Jibril a.s replied: To whoever you want to tell, you ask him.

He replied: He knows about my wish he is not ignorant.

The Almighty God addressed: O fire be cool and safe to Ibrahim.

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