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Recommended Foods after Delivery

1. Fresh dates 175

a. It is narrated that the Prophet (s) said: “The first thing a woman should eat after delivery should be ratb (a type of fresh date), as Alla-h (swt) told Hadrat Maryam after delivering Prophet (s) ‘Isa- to eat ratb. 176” When asked, ““If it is not the season for ratb?” He replied, “Then nine dates from Medina, and if these are also not available, then any nine dates. Surely Alla-h (swt) has stated: ‘I swear by My Honour and Glory, that any woman who has recently delivered and eats ratb, I will make her child patient.’”

b. It is narrated from Ima-m ‘Ali- (as) that feed Birni dates (a type of date) to women after the birth of their child, so that the child becomes clever and patient.

c. Eating dates is not only beneficial for the mother but has an effect on breast milk as well, and is also beneficial when fed to children. 177 For newborns, it is narrated from Ima-m ‘Ali- (as) that put a little bit of date in the mouth of the child, and the Prophet (s) did the same with Ima-m Hasan (as) and Ima-m Husain (as).

2. Euphrates Water and Khakhe Shafaa 178 (on the roof of the child’s mouth)

a. It has been narrated that Euphrates water and khakhe shafaa should be placed in the mouth of the child, and if Euphrates water is not available, then rain water. 179 and 180

b. It is narrated from Ima-m as-Sa-diq (as) that khakhe shafaa should be placed in the mouth of the child, as this protects him/her from pains and tribulations. 181

c. In another tradition from Ima-m as-Sa-diq (as), it is narrated that he said: “There isn’t a person who drinks Euphrates water and puts it in the mouth of his child, except that he is a friend of ours, because the Euphrates is the river of a mu’min (believer).” 182

3. Other

a. It is narrated from Ima-m as-Sa-diq (as) that when a child is born, obtain some milk from the mother (the size of a lentil), mix it in water and put two drops in the right nostril of the baby, and then the left, and recite Adha-n in his right ear and Iqa-mah in his left, before they take the umbilical cord away. If this is done, fear will never reach the child and Umme Sabya-n (a Jinn) will never trouble him/her. 183


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Adapted from the book: "From Marriage to Parenthood; The Heavenly Path" by: "Abbas and Shahin Merali"

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