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Recommended Acts of Delivery

1. Recite Surat al-Inshiqa-q after Sala-t in the 9th month. When labour pains start, recite this, and if it is not possible to recite it with your tongue, recite it in your head.

2. Drink saffron syrup during labour to ease the pain (not before as it may lead to miscarriage).

3. At the time a woman thinks labour pains are going to begin, take a warm (not hot) shower.

4. At the time of labour, have pleasant smelling things around you and breath with your mouth open.

5. Do not eat large quantities of food, but eat good quality and high energy food, and stay away from foods that cause constipation.

6. Recite the recommended Du‘a-s for delivery. 172

7. Ibn ‘Abba-s has related that to write the names of the ASha-b al-Kahf (Companions of the Cave) down and tying these names around the left thigh of a woman going through a difficult labour is recommended. 173

Their names are:

In another tradition, it is narrated that their names are:

8. Do not wear nylon, as this prevents sunrays reaching the body, and therefore a lack of Vitamin B and a more difficult delivery.

9. One of the reasons of difficult labour for many women is fear and lack of preparation. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare in advance for labour, mentally and physically. Reading and becoming familiar with what will occur helps tremendously in reducing fear.

10. Recommended exercises also help in reducing labour pains. 174


172 Please refer to ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ by Saleem Bhimji and Arifa Hudda

173 Tafsir Minha-j al-Sadiqi-n, vol. 5, pg. 334

174 Refer to your doctor or other pregnancy manuals for more information.

Adapted from the book: "From Marriage to Parenthood; The Heavenly Path" by: "Abbas and Shahin Merali"

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