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Recommended Acts and Supplications for Sahari

(1) The Holy Prophet had advised the faithful to get up in the early morning, before daybreak, and eat something prior to the time the fast begins.

(2) It is highly desirable to make the following "Niyyat" say, or pass it through his mind: "I keep fast, which is obligatory, to seek nearness to Allah".

(3) Recite Sourah Al-Qadr.

(4) Imam Muhammad bin Ali Al-Baqir used to recite the following Du'a at Sahari. This Dua has been narrated by Imam Reza (a.s.).

Having finished reciting this Du'a ask God for whatever wishes you have.

It is mentioned in "Misbah", on the authority of Abu Hamza Thamaalee, that Imam Ali Zainul Abedeen bin Husain bin Ali used to recite the following Du'a on the night at the time of Sahari:

Also, Shaikh Tusi says that the following Dua (supplication) can be recited at Sahari time:

The following Short Du'a mentioned in "Iqbal" is also for recitation at Sahari time.

And know that the theologians have said that if niyyat (intention) for fast is made after Sahari, it is better. However, one can do niyyat from the beginning of night until the end. A person's mere knowledge that he will observe fast tomorrow and shall stay from things that invalidate fast would be sufficient.

And know also that Namaz Tahajjud (night prayer) is highly recommended.

Adopted from the book : "Ramadhan Special"

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