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Fasting for Fitness

Well-being: Aside from the spiritual value of fasting, there are Physical rewards that come to you by your not eating for a short time. These rewards are reaped not only by the over plump person, but by anyone who fasts.

The general well-being of a person on a fast has been noted by physicians. Many a doctor advises fasting for a patient tussling with gout, heart disease, skin disorder, general intemperance to food and drink, or excessive smoking.

Brain Benefit: Fasting is good for mental discipline, and it effects spiritual uplift. The brain benefits greatly. If you are doing heavy study, preparing for a speech, or otherwise engaging in deep concentration, you do well to fast, Fasting sharpens your mind and makes you alert and sensitive to mental effort. You concentrate more readily if your stomach is empty and not drawing blood from the brain to digest food.

Many a public speaker knows well that eating before speaking reduces mental acuity and cuts down on the force of speech. They fast before an important speech and eat later. They know the brain benefits by a fast.

Digestive Distress Relieved: Other organs that are relieved by a fast are the digestive organs. The stomach, liver pancreas, and intestines often are overworked. When the digestion is given a vacation, eating becomes a greater joy.

Rejuvenator and Skin Freshener: Fasting has been called a great restorer of youth and prolonger of like. This idea stems from the fact that people who fast acquire a clearer skin, a rosier tint to their cheeks, and a more youthful complexion than they had before.

People troubled with skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, or recurrent skin infection are often advised by their physicians to eliminate sweets and fats from their diet. How much better to eliminate all foods for a time periodically, and let the skin pores have a chance to cleans themselves and be free from the effects of too many sweets and fats.

Boon to Smokers: For anyone trying to stop smoking or drinking, a fast can be a boon to the body. By stopping tobacco, alcohol, and food intake for a time, a person helps the body return to normal.

Once the body is "Scrubbed clean" inside, the smoker and drinker feels so alive and alert that he does not have any desire to return to his unwise habits.

A more nearly normal appetite follows a fast, and simple foods are enjoyed with greater relish. Heavy use of candiments-pepper, spices mustard, and catsup, is no longer needed to make. Food appetizing.

Rests Hearts: If you are a heart patient you will find that a fast takes a load off your heart and your circulation. If you have been short of breath, a fast improves your breathing and, by elimination of salt and water from the body, reduces tissue edema. This condition may make it Possible for you to sleep easier and with fewer pillows.

Side Effects: Some minor discomforts are noted at time during fasting. The person who fast may be subject to headaches; if so, he needs the fast. Other side effects of fasting, such as a feeling of weakness, palpitation of the heart, and drowsiness late in the afternoon, usually minor, disappear with a little rest.

If the person who wants to improve his diet by cutting out meat, highly seasoned gravy, rich cake, and sugary preserves goes on a fast, he hurries the process of changing. After eating heavily of these foods for some time he cannot immediately enjoy a plain, wholesome diet. His taste is so perverted that he cannot enjoy good fruit, whole-grain bread, and vegetables.

Such a fast proves of more benefit than medicine, for the abused stomach finds the rest it has long needed. Genuine hunger can be satisfied with a plain, nutritious diet.

For spiritual uplift, try a fast. You will find that it draws you closer to Allah in prayer. It makes you character stronger by the self discipline and humble experience of denying yourself food. The double benefit is your feeling of well-being, with a clearer eye. sharper brain, springier step. and greater efficiency for your work. It has often been said.

"The man eager for success has the lean, hungry look". A bit of starvation can give you that eagerness in a hurry.

Try a fast for spiritual and physical fitness

Adopted from the book : "Ramadhan Special"

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