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Readers Respond: How do you stay fit at work?

Stay Upright as much as possible

The best workout at work is one that keeps you upright and moving during the day. Naturally, we are biased towards treadmill desks for this reason however there are other options if this is not allowed within your company. Sit to Stand desks are the next best step but be careful to move while you are standing and sit as little as possible. A number of important biological systems shut down when we sit. We write a lot about this on the TrekDesk website. Keep things simple. Move as much as possible. Recent studies have shown that just 15 minutes of waling a day extended the life of study subjects by 3 years. TrekDesk recommends one thing: MOVE!

—Guest TrekDesk

I use a Balance Board and Tons of water

I bought a vewdo balance board online and pretty much have changed my way of working ever since. I take it out every hour or two and use it for 5 to 10 minutes. It gives me a break, and it is fun. I used to snowboard a lot so it makes me feel alive again like when I used to be in college. Its simple, looks nice, and it fits in the corner. Works for me. I also drink a ton of water. Usually 3 nalgenes during work. Gets me going, and really helps with focusing. I used to be really distracted, tired, and just bored. THen i really started to remember to drink water and it really helped me out especially when working on a computer all the time. I used to look at water as such a job to drink, but really worth it. Can't stress enough how much just drinking water has changed my work. Good luck to you all!

—Guest graphicprisoner

Try taking the stairs!

The best option is to simply get up and move about every chance you get. Taking the stairs is the best option for contributing to your fitness at work.

—Guest Matthew

spin bike with a Desk for laptop

I found a bike on the web that has a light resistance and a comfortable place to put your arms. www.spindesk.com. Have used for a week now and went from no exercise to 3 days a week. Their website has information from Mayo Clinic that shows it is a good way to lose weight and stay fit. I hope so because it is easy to use when I want to post on a site forum or facebook, well it becomes workout time. Great product has anyone else used this?



I think performing simple strength training program especially during breaks is important.

—Guest Jim Whiteside


As a certified personal trainer, I know the importance of regular exercise. Unfortunately, my training work is part-time and my full-time job is a desk job. When I first started the job, I couldn't sit still. But now, inertia has taken over, and it's hard to get up! To battle that, I sit on an exercise ball at my desk. It works the core, and it helps me to keep my commitment to fitness in mind. I also keep a post-it on my computer that says "GET UP," and I mark off a box on my daily calendar for exercise/activity. Each time I do some activity--take a walk, do some squats, walk up and down a few flights of stairs--I put a check in the box. At the end of the day, if I haven't accumulated any checks, it serves as a reminder to "GET UP" and do something. I also turn my computer screen off a couple of times a day. Doing that gives me a chance to rest my eyes, relax my shoulders, take a few breaths, and feel like I'm doing something healthy for my body.

—Guest Joann Smith

Computer time out

My son installed a program on my laptop that reminds me to take a 5-10 minute break for every hour I spend working at the keyboard. He installed it primarily to try to help with my head and neck pain but when I break (the little character can get pretty hostile if you continue to work), I stretch, walk around or, if I'm confident nobody will be dropping by my office, I play a few fast tunes on my iPod and dance around. My company, like many others, encourages wellness because it is in their best interest to keep employees healthy, so if I ever get caught mid-boogie, I will just say I am participating in the company's fitness program.


How do you stay fit at work?

I take fit breaks throughout the day. We have an extensive gym and while others are smoking I go down and squeeze in a 15 minute circuit of either upper body or lower body workout. I also take the stairs and walk around the perimeter of our new building. My lunch hour is spent doing actual cardio where I will either run the stairs in our old building or run through DC.

—Guest Monette


I cycle to work whenever I can, with a heavy backpack, that's 12 miles a day, I even sometimes get away with cycling to a meeting another 12 miles away - in work time! If anyone asks I say my car broke down, then they think I'm really dedicated making all that effort to get to the meeting!

—Guest Office Bod

stay fit

Hi im 13. You can stay fit by not taking the elevator, and take the stairs. And besides, if you have a computer and type, then that is also exercising.Every movement is exercising. So, just remember, the more you move the better it is for your body.

—Guest emeline hala

there is a lot u can do

I own a retail store and some mornings its so slow so i do squats,stretching,side lifts,etc

—Guest aarzoo

Having it there

As a remote employee I have a tendency to sit and work long hours. To get around it and fit in a workout for my sanity? A portable stepper under the desk with shoes and socks sitting on it ready to go. I schedule 15 minute intervals (breaks) during the day, where I don the gear and do a 15 minute workout. After a bit...you look forward to the 15 minute calendar 'appointment' reminder. The timing of the breaks are geared to the 'breaks' in the time zones I support. It is not a substitute for a rigorous workout, but it ensures I am not sitting for endless hours not doing anything.

—Guest Guest Remote Employee

Heavy workbag

I have a briefcase that is deliberately full of books. I have read most of them, but it is really heavy. Carrying that to and from the car park, swapping arms every now and then used to be difficult. Now I forget how heavy it is. You could even do a few discrete arm curls with it if no-one is looking.

—Guest Nifty tips

Activate your Core at your desk

Lift your legs off the floor and hold them straight out. Hold for 5 seconds, release and repeat. You can activate your core while sitting at your desk!
—Guest C

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