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Razavi Sayyids

Adopted from the book : "Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People" by : "S.M.R. Shabbar"

It is a fact that all Sayyids known as Razavi are actually Taqawi. Imam Reza(AS) had no son other than Imam Muhammad Taqi. Had he other sons then the Imam Muhammad Taqi then their offspring should have been called Razavi Sayyids. But as Imam Reza(AS) came to Iran and died in Tus many descendants of his son Imam Muhammad Taqi were also called Razavis.

One famous saying of the 9th Imam Muhammad Taqi al Jawad (AS) follows:

Some one asked, “was the Messenger of God Muhammad ibn Abdullah an illiterate.” Imam replied, “No, the Messenger of God knew 72 languages in which he could read, write and speak.”

Some one asked the Imam about the Angels. What are they? The Imam replied, “ They are the powers of God that regulate the Universe.”

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